Halloween Intro
Welcome to the fifth annual Infinite Hollywood, 31 Days of Halloween! Each and every year we try and up the ante and scare you with some frightfully fun reviews to get into the spirit of All Hallow’s Eve. This year is no different and as always, I like to highlight some fun things we’ve done in year’s past during this time. Here’s just a sampling at the type of Halloween posts we’ve done the last 5 years…

bth_pumpkin2Scooby-Doo Mystery Mates 5 Packs Review
bth_pumpkin2Halloween Cozy Socks Review
bth_pumpkin2House of the Wolfman Movie Review
bth_pumpkin2Killjoy Goes To Hell Movie Review
bth_pumpkin2Are You Afraid Of The Dark – Tale of the Midnight Madness
bth_pumpkin2Ghostbusters Retro-Action Sam Hain Figure Review
bth_pumpkin2Sideshow Frankenstein Figure Review
bth_pumpkin2Infinite Cuisine: Halloweenies
bth_pumpkin2Infinite Cuisine: JJ’s Pumpkin Fruit Pies Review

Be sure to visit all month long for new posts each day celebrating Halloween, as we countdown to the big day. We’ve got all your favorite ghosts, goblins and ghouls along for the ride! We’re going to review a lot of neat stuff this year, from candy to toys, and even a few surprises, so stop in daily to see what spooky treats we’ve dug up!

2 Responses to 31 Days of Halloween Year Five

  • barbecue17 says:

    I love the Sam artwork in your pic above. Really cool! It’s great to see so many sites doing cool stuff for Halloween!

    • Newton says:

      Thanks, that was made by the late great, Bill White. I miss that guy.

      I can’t believe we’ve been doing this for five years and if all comes to pass, this will be the best year yet!

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