Lucky number seven! We’re 7 days into the Advent calendar! I promise there are other reviews and updates coming, but I have to keep at this Advent calendar! Let’s eee what’s in store for us today.

Perfect to go with yesterday’s tree, it’s a bunch of gifts!

Even I can assemble this stuff!


Looks like the Lego Crook asked for a skateboard this year and Santa was even nice enough to give him a helmet!

Assembling the presents is pretty neat. There’s a little nub for the “bow” to go on top. I have to give Lego credit for coming up with some neat ways to make stuff, but keep it totally Lego-like.

More extra parts. The amount of leftover stuff is kind of amazing. I’ll just pretend that they’re little gifts.

Everything has come together nicely. All the presents under the tree… Wait a second!

No trouble today. We finally have some Christmas elements! What will happen in the next 24 hours? Tune in tomorrow to see!

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