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I promised we’d be back to posting regularly and what better way to get back into things than with a Tuesday edition of TALES FROM THE TOY AISLE!

This week, we venture into the land of controversy, Target! What sort of toys do they have on their shelves? Come inside and let’s take a peek!

Hulk Face

Me am Hulk! Me SMASH! Hulk face smash!

We start things off with this sort of crazy looking Hulk bop ball. I don’t really know what a bop ball is, but it looks like you inflate it and then punch it a bunch. Seems like the sort of thing David Banner could have used back in the day (cue sad piano music) but the real prize here is that face. Just look at that face!

Hulk isn’t the only one with a wonky face, Look at this smug grin on this Marvel Universe Comic 2 Pack of Thor.

Dude, what’s with that face? I can’t tell if he’s being arrogant because he just farted or if he’s done something much more dastardly. Seriously, that’s a terrible face sculpt. C’mon Hasbro! At least the Hulk Bop Ball was fun!

Tanooki Mario World of Nintendo
Tanooki Suit Mario! Man, I would have murdered my neighbors for a figure of this back in 1988! Best I had were those McDonalds Super Mario Bros 3 Happy Meal Toys. Continue reading

I actually started this blog back in June of 2007. So June of 2016 seems like a good time to get back into the thick of things, no?

He lives! Yes, this blog is still around. I apologize for my general laziness, but once you really get out of the “blogging mode” it’s very tough to get back into it. Not that I haven’t wanted to do some reviews, post up new content, etc. I am always thinking of doing it. I’ve even went through the painful process of taking photos for lots of things, but then never actually doing anything with it.

But I refuse to let this beast die. So many other blogs that started around the time I did (most after actually) have dried up or died. Some of favorites have disappeared as blogging has sort of fell out of favor. Youtube reviews and random Instagram posts seems to be where the toy/geek culture has went these days. But I still like blogging, so I’m going to make a concerted effort to get back to it. I doubt we’ll be back to the daily posts of yesteryear, but maybe we can get to where we do a couple a week.

And because this blog is so massive and has covered so much ground through the years, we still get a ton of traffic. People post on old articles asking questions. Weird people email me, asking to buy figures as though we were an online store. It’s fascinating and that always draws me back in. Because if I left for months and then came back and no one had visited, I think it’d be pretty easy to quit. But you guys keep coming back, so I will too.

So where do we start? Well I’m going to try and do some posts and get back into the groove of things. I may revamp the reviews a bit, just to make them slightly less work in posting, but we’ll see. Regardless, Infinite Hollywood is still alive. So thanks for sticking around and come back, there’s more great things ahead!

To kick things back off, here’s five random posts that I think should have gotten more love when they were originally posted:

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