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ROTU Slimed Drones
It’s no secret that I’m a big fan of the Zoloworld Realm of the Underworld toy line. In fact, I would guess that I probably have one of the largest collections of ROTU in existence. But with the Halloween season upon us, I wanted to point out some of the awesomeness of the new Slimed Drones Realm of the Underworld wave. The figures are technically wave 2.5 in the overall ROTU toy line, but for all intents and purposes this is a special subwave of “slime” figures. Which means lots and lots of translucent versions of your favorite Underworld characters, along with a few new figures as well.

I intend to review the entire series in the weeks ahead (along with a ton of 5.75 content) but for now, my focus is purely on the Halloween aspect of these new figures. They’re pretty much the PERFECT Halloween toys! I remember as a kid looking for particularly scary toys to play with around Halloween, and there were plenty of old standbys, Skeletor, Scare-Glow, Burnheart from Super Naturals and the like… But ROTU Slime Drones would have been a wet dream back then.

Just take a look at these guys, they’re downright awesome. Featuring bright Halloween colors (shame there’s no orange one!) and tons of gruesome sculpts, these guys are wicked cool. Those translucent colors practically make them look like candy! Let’s take a closer look at these sick and twisted totally Halloween, non-Halloween toys!  Continue reading