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Exo League

Bring it back! What product or media property would you like to see revived, and how would you imagine it being different today?

This week’s assignment is simple enough, bring back something that you liked. While the limitations are few in this League assignment, I figure it would be best to limit this to television shows. I could go on about a ton of things I’d love to see brought back, but the most obvious choice for me is Exo-Squad. Yeah, it seems that the new trend is to spell it Exosquad. However you decide to spell it, the show was fantastic.

I’ve written about Exosquad before, but I didn’t touch on it all that much. It was arguably my favorite cartoon as a youngster and honestly if you pinned me down and made me live on an island with only one cartoon to watch, there’s no doubt I’d pick Exosquad. Although the show only ran for 52 episodes, it certainly seemed like it was a lot longer. Perhaps that was because each episode contained so much broad storytelling with big bold ideas and stories concerning life, death, racism and the overall human condition.

Sure, it also had aliens, mutants, space battles and of course giant robots, but it was really about the characters. I hesitate to say the “humans” because the Neo-Sapiens were a huge part of the show as well. The show dealt with some incredible sci-fi concepts like the clones of evil people and if they’re guilty just because they’re clones. There was also a great storyline where one of the main characters died, but he was brought back to life in a way. There was some serious debate on if this person was the same person, or a new person and what happens when you die. It was the kind of show that seriously got you thinking. Continue reading

Pacific Rim Monster

Pacific Rim
Kaiju: Knifehead
7 Inch Scale

One of my all time favorite Gamera kaiju is the knife headed monster, Guiron. His wacky design and downright insane concept just add a lot of fun to the Gamera franchise. Guillermo Del Toro may have been a fan as well, as it seems like some of the more bizarre Gamera-esque kaiju designs have slightly permeated into Pacific Rim. The most obvious is the monster simply known as Knifehead.

Kaiju Monster
NECA have cranked out a figure of him in the first wave of their new Pacific Rim toy line. Knifehead has the distinction of being not just the first, but also the only kaiju in the line thus far. He’s also figured prominently into the advertising for the film. While we have seen glimpses of other monsters, Knifehead like Jaeger Gypsy Danger, has seen the most commercial screen time.

As the only giant monster in the line thus far, Knifehead offers us a rare look at what the designs for Pacific Rim may hold and also gives us a good indication on how NECA plans to deal with these unique monsters. Is this figure a home run? I think you’ll be surprised to find out this guy is made by NECA and not Trendmasters. Continue reading