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Soul of Bullmark Red King

Soul of Bullmark
Red King
3 Inch Scale
By: Bullmark/Bandai

I always like to start out Ultraman Week with a review of a Red King figure. There’s no real reason why, it’s just tradition. Red King is one of Ultraman’s most infmaous kaiju villains, showing up in the original 1966 Ultraman show and having recurring appearances throughout the dozens of iliterations of the character through the years. He’s also been graced with quite a few figures, dating back to the very first Ultraman toys. Some of the earliest figures were vinyl toys made by Bullmark.

Red King
These Bullmark sculpts were re-released by Bandai in a mini Gashapon (candy toys) series known as Soul of Bullmark in 2001. The figures are exact replicas of the vintage toys, but at a fraction of the size and cost. Naturally the ever popular Red King was one of the toys to get re-released. These guys are pretty easy to track down, but there were a couple of releases of varying sizes and styles so you have you may have to look around. Let’s take a closer look at the smallest Red King in my collection. Continue reading