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Another amazing C2E2 has come and gone. This is the marquee comic convention event in the Chicagoland area and that’s saying something, because the “Region” has become filled with comic events in recent years. C2E2 continues to be the standard bearer for all comic and comic book entertainment in the area. The Infinite Hollywood crew was once again on the scene, with our ace photographer Beth Tague and of course Jake there as well. This year saw a lot of new vendors pop up with tons of goodies. I was most impressed with the artist’s alley this year and the entire section dedicated to independent toy companies in “The Block”. It’s really a testament to how good C2E2 is when they continue to shine a spotlight on smaller talents, many from the area.

DSCN8858 DSCN8859 DSCN8860 DSCN8861 DSCN8865 DSCN8866

As always there was a ton of really cool cosplay on hand. I suspect the real winner was the giant dragon that took several people to operate and assemble. It was really cool to see it moving around McCormick place doing it’s thing. I also quite liked the Angel Spawn and the rather incredible Princess Peach. There was just so many great cosplayers over the several day event that I plan to make another post just highlighting all the various outfits and perhaps even ranking. I am really hoping in 2015 to do more of our web series interviewing various cosplayers who make it out to C2E2 every year. Some come from all over the country (if not world) to be a part of the show.


Diamond Select along with several other toy companies were on hand. While the “toy” presence has diminished some thanks to places like Mattel skipping out on the event, it is great to see DST doing so much there. They had some incredible Minimates on hand, revealing the Ninja Turtles and Godzilla Mini Mates in epic fashion. They have a ton of TMNT products coming out, but you can expect to see some of the Ninja Turtles Minimates reviewed here when they hit shelves in 2015. Zach Oat even said there could possibly be vehicles down the line. YES!


I really enjoyed the various panels I sat in on and was surprised to see some unique ones like the Chicago Ghosthunters and various other local troops. While this is definitely an event that appeals to crowds from all over, it’s always great to see local involvement and shows ReedPOP know their audience when it comes to pop culture coming to Chicago. This doesn’t feel like a traveling circus coming through town, but rather a part of the Region culture, with all of the great aspects of comics, movies and overall “geeky” entertainment. Can we even call it geek entertainment anymore, as everything has gotten so mainstream?


That’s the other great thing about C2E2, is that it brings both kinds of people together. Nerd and jocks, cats and dogs living in harmony, mass hysteria! Seriously though, this convention is ran so smoothly that everyone feels at home and no one feels left out. Whether you’ve been working on your costume all year long, or simply just has a passing interest in Iron Man and Deadpool, you’ll like this con. C2E2 is truly a one of a kind event.

Kreo Sgt. Drill and Zombie

Kre-O Cityville Invasion
Sgt. Drill & Zombie Soldier
1 Inch Scale
By: Hasbro

Hasbro’s Kre-O figures are one of my favorite new toylines of the past couple of years, but unfortunately they haven’t exactly taken the world by storm. Hasbro decided to push a smaller version, tied in with a game for tablets, called Cityville Invasion. These figures are smaller than the regular Kreo/Lego style figures, but use the same scale heads, hats and accessories. I picked up a set a while back in hopes of creating a custom Sgt. Slaughter.

Knockoff Lego
This set has two figures and is packed blind, like most mini blind bag toys out there these days. It didn’t take long for me to find them and they were available at most every retailer. I think these guys have since been clearanced out, so you may have to look a bit more for them. Is this Kreo 2 pack worth your money? Can you make a custom Sgt. Slaughter out of this set? Continue reading

POP Vinyl Ninja Turtles

Vinyl Pop Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Series 1)
Michelangeo, Leonardo, Donatello, Raphael, Splinter & Shredder
#60 – #65

3 3/4 Inch Scale
By: Funko

My friends over at invited me to take a look at a few Funko Vinyl Pop figures in celebration of their big push for more toys and collectibles. They have tons of Funko Pop Vinyl figures at great prices and it only made sense that I take a look at the TMNT figures. Series 1 is based on the classic Fred Wolf Ninja Turtles designs. It includes the four turtles as well as their sensai Splinter and their arch rival, Shredder.

Fred Wolf Shredhead
There isn’t a ton of nostalgia TMNT product out there right now, but I expect more and more of it to hit shelves as the new Ninja Turtles movie draws closer to release. Among the various things that are out there, these Funko Pop Vinyls are actually pretty nice. Definitely better than some of the other stuff we’ve seen. It’s a testament to Funko’s knowledge of the “nerd” industry for them to have so many awesome licenses under one roof.

Vinyl Ninja Turtles
The other really nice thing about the Funko Pop Vinyl line, is that you can collect tons of different characters all in the same style. Which is basically unheard of in this day and age. Or if you’re only a fan of a single property like the Ninja Turtles, you can just get their whole series. Continue reading

It may be April Fools, but it’s no joke (although the press release is) ToyFinity are bringing the Knight of Darkness back. I actually own a couple KODs and am a big fan. This knockoff doesn’t get much love these days, but I’ll be curious to see how it will be reintroduced through the ToyFinity brand. I had been hoping for a Captain Action-like tie-in, but I doubt we’ll see that now. Anyway, check out the press release below.


For immediate release – April 1st, GROVERS MILL NJ – Somber. Powerful. A grim-masked menace that strikes terror into the bravest heart. A perfect bad guy for long hours of imagination and excitement.

– Ideal Toys Catalog 1978

So read the official description of the awesomest bad guy from the greatest space franchise in the 1970’s, Ideal Toys’ SPACE TRAVEL AND RECONNAISSANCE (S.T.A.R.) TEAM™ – THE KNIGHT OF DARKNESS™. And now, HE’S BACK.

Originally created by a nameless Ideal executive in the late 70’s as a way to revive the long-dormant IDEAL’S ZEROIDS WORKER ROBOTS OF THE FUTURE™ franchise and their own SPACE TRAVEL AND RECONNAISSANCE (S.T.A.R.) TEAM™ franchise of the early 70’s, Ideal Toys’ SPACE TRAVEL AND RECONNAISSANCE (S.T.A.R.) TEAM™ was a completely original concept revived by Ideal because they knew kids of 1978 were dying for some awesome space-based action figures for some reason. With impeccable sculpting prowess, THE KNIGHT OF DARKNESS™ was formed from the imagination of one of the artisans of Ideal Toys to provide the key figure in the franchise which the heroic ZEM-21™and ZEROID SCOUTS™ could battle in endless original adventures throughout a child’s imagination. Along with their human friend KENT AND HIS COSMIC CRUISER™ and their S.T.A.R. TEAM SPACE HAWK™, ZEM-21™ and the ZEROID SCOUTS™ battled THE KNIGHT OF DARKNESS™. His magnificent black and silver uniform encased THE KNIGHT OF DARKNESS™ in a cloud of mystery, as his futuristic weapon cut a path through the toy shelves of the time, destroying all the cyborg and military heroes that were his competition in the 12-inch action figure market.

But THE KNIGHT OF DARKNESS™ had one problem – he was just too evil and imposing for the children of the time, who had never seen such an evil and imposing character in any medium ever. He’s just so evil and imposing and dark and knight-ish. So after only one series, Ideal Toys’ SPACE TRAVEL AND RECONNAISSANCE (S.T.A.R.) TEAM™ disappeared from the shelves, never to return. Or so everyone thought. Continue reading