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Phantasm 5 Ravager
So it’s been revealed, complete with trailer, that Phantasm V is actually happening. With each passing day it seemed like there wouldn’t be a follow up to 1998’s Phantasm IV: Oblivion, leaving fans to always want at least one more chapter for the exploits of Reggie, Mike and the Tall Man. Rumors have been rampant for nearly a decade that something was going to happen, but as Angus Scrimm teeters closer to being a hundred years old (literally) and nothing materialized, it almost seemed as though it was just a pipe dream.

But in the words of the Tall Man, “No, it’s not!” The gang are back for what is most likely their last adventure. Picking up where Phantasm IV left off, Reggie now heads into the Tall Man’s home world for a final showdown. The trailer doesn’t reveal much, other than showing us that there’s going to be some blood and all our favorite characters and elements are back. Even the little troll guys.

Tall Man Angus Scrimm
Phantasm has never been high art, but it’s succeeded against all logic to tell a fairly cohesive if not necessarily coherent story throughout the previous four films. The movies haven’t had a big box office draw in the past, but they have a cult following and this film was very likely made on a shoestring budget as it wasn’t financed by a major studio. Honestly, I wonder if a Kickstarter wouldn’t have been perfect for a movie like this, it’s a moot point now. However one thing that is for certain, nobody does low budget better than director Don Coscarelli. There are rumors that this movie has been filmed in bits and pieces for the last few years. How true that is, I don’t know, but Coscarelli has in the past shot extra footage that was used in later films, so it wouldn’t be out of the question. Nobody really knew that the filming for Phantasm V was taking place and it has been a top secret project.

Reggie Bannister
I actually liked where Phantasm IV left off, sort of leaving it up to the viewer to decide if it really was all some sort of nightmare or if there was another story left to be told. Clearly there is and we’ll get it here. The special effects look decent from what we’ve seen in the trailer, but a lot of that can be attested to advancements in digital movie making. Even still, I can’t wait to get one more round of the Tall Man. If you like low budget but fun horror, Phantasm V: Ravager looks like it’s going to be a blast.

Sony Godzilla

Giant Size Godzilla
Godzilla 2014
24 Inch Scale
By: Jakks Pacific

Being that I’m just about the biggest Godzilla fan there is, it was a very easy purchase for me when I saw the Jakks Pacific Giant Size Godzilla at Toys R Us last weekend. The figure isn’t supposed to hit shelves for another couple of weeks, but certain TRUs are putting them out early. These guys are so big that there wasn’t any shelf space for them at the Toys R Us I found them at. They simply had them stacked on the floor. I suspect the size is a big part of why they’re on the floor instead of hidden in the back.

Warner Brothers Godzilla
This guy is HUGE! You’ll immediately notice that when you see the box in store. Given that only a handful of Godzilla pictures have surfaced from the upcoming Godzilla film, this figure is the first real look at the monster. At over 2 foot tall, this Godzilla immediately reminded me of the Shogun Warriors Godzilla from when I was a kid. That thing seemed ginormous back then. This figure is actually BIGGER than the old Shogun Godzilla. In fact, this Godzilla is even bigger than the Trendmasters 1998 Ultimate Godzilla toy.

Giant Godzilla
Which if my math is correct, makes this the biggest Godzilla action figure released in the United States. That’s no small feat. Pardon the pun. Continue reading

teenage mutant ninja turtles-movie figures 4
Some photos of Playmates new TMNT movie figures have snuck out. The Michael Bay produced Turtles movie has been doomed from the start, but even if you had some hope that at least the designs of the titular heroes might be good, think again. These photos give us our best look at the designs to date. They’re easily the worst versions of the TMNT ever created. It’s like the Jim Lee Turtles had sex with the Next Mutation Turtles and then were mutated by a radioactive turd. Yes, they’re that bad.

teenage mutant ninja turtles-movie figures 1
It’s clear that the problem here isn’t Playmates, but rather the designs themselves. Even though the 1990 movie was done with much more rudimentary technology, they managed to capture the essence of the TMNT. These new desgins look terrible, not only in form, but function. The Turtles all have odd shaped bodies, different sized heads and of course, layers of clothes.

teenage mutant ninja turtles-movie figures 2
Oh and I almost forgot, the Turtles are apparently giants now. Some movie stills show the TMNT towering over April and other humans. It’s as if the guy behind this movie was intentionally trying to strip away all the elements that were recognizable while still leaving just enough to lure in nostalgia fans and unsuspecting kids. Oh right, Michael Bay.

teenage mutant ninja turtles-movie figures 3
For what it’s worth, the figures themselves also look terrible. The articulation seems almost non-existent. This could be an early draft, but I’m guessing it’s closer to the final figures. So why do they look so bad? I get the feeling that even Playmates knows these designs won’t sell and that the movie will cause a fan revolt and they want to focus more of their efforts on the popular Nick TMNT figures.

I am cringing at the thought of this movie actually seeing the light of day. The Turtles are getting so popular right now that it’s the PERFECT time for a well done movie to hit. Unfortunately, what we’re getting is the exact opposite.

Rocketmen from the Moon
Back in 2009 I mentioned that there was a “Commando Cody” Rocketman figure in the works from the folks at Executive Replicas. That seems like ages ago and it was. I emailed them a year or two ago to see if there was anything more to come of it. Much to my surprise, they said it was still coming out… Eventually.

Well eventually is apparently here because Go Hero and Executive Replicas have officially announced the Rocketman figure. This is based on the character from the 1950’s Republic serials. Most notably, King of the Rocket Men. The character also appeared in Commando Cody: Sky Marshall of the Universe, Radar Men from the Moon and Zombies of the Stratosphere.

Go Hero Rocketman

Underneath the helmet is George Wallace, who only played the Rocketman in the Radar Men from the Moon serial. Whether there were likeness or copyright issues that caused this name change or the fact that none of the films are mentioned by Go Hero, is beyond me. I’m just glad it’s finally coming out.

The figure is loaded to the gills with extras, including the ray gun cannon and a small version of the rocket ship that appeared in some of the serials. Almost everything in the set is metal. This is a nice bonus and helps add to the “high end” nature of this product. Unfortunately, it also comes at a cost. $260 is the retail on this bad boy when preorders come out in the weeks ahead.

Commando Cody Figure

I get that this is a very niche product, but I find the price to be about $100 more than realistically it’s worth. I’d much rather had a plastic helmet and no George Wallace sculpt if it could have shaved off a good portion of the price. Go Hero has had some pretty good success with their figures, but even a Rocketman lover like me is feeling a bit of sticker shock. Still, it looks like an excellent collector’s piece.

Let’s hope they do the Republic Volkite Robot next!