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Sea Ghost Figure
Our good friend Jay Piscopo and the folks at Nemo Publishing are once again teaming up with Capt’n Eli to introduce another action figure to the world! You may recall my love affair with Commander X, Piscopo’s other Mego-like figure. Jay has created a whole world of amazing characters that harken back to the days when comic books had more adventure and fun within the panels. Jay has worked with Dr. Mego to create several versions of Commander X in figure form, but now he is officially announcing the popular Sea Ghost figure!

What makes Sea Ghost so special, is that he’s such a great nod to Alex Toth’s designs. Jay has such a love and passion for these types of characters and Sea Ghost really seems to have an incredible appeal. I reviewed the first Sea Ghost comic a couple of years ago and I am so excited to see this character finally come to life as an action figure.

And if you pre-order now, you can snag this guy for only $16! That’s $4 off the regular pirce. You can’t hardly find any Mego figures for that price, much less one that’s so awesome. Sea Ghost is a completely original character that’s growing as a property all the time. Support independent artists and pick this figure up for yourself, your kids or anybody you know! I’ve already put in my pre-orders for a few! Quantities are limited so get this guy while you can!

And while you’re over at the Capt’n Eli Homepage, you can pick up some of Jay’s comics for discount prices. Sea Ghost #1 is there, along with the two Capt’n Eli Graphic novels, which feature Commander X and the Sea Ghost! Continue reading

Ninja Turtle Stealth

I am listening to your feedback!

So rumors of my demise are greatly exaggerated… Okay, not that greatly.

I’d like to think that many of you missed me, but only one person asked about my whereabouts, so I assume I’m not THAT missed. Now that our good friend Poe is giving up the ghost, I have to wonder what I’m doing. We’ve been on hiatus for almost two months, after a pretty strong December performance. On the positive side, while I’ve been on autopilot, the traffic hasn’t taken much of a hit. That’s the benefit, I suppose, of having thousands of posts. Granted we’ve never fully recovered from the great Google “I’mma steal all your traffic for myself” purge of 2013, but what can you do?

Anyway, so I’m reevaluating where I will go with this site moving forward. I am unfortunately far too busy to post at pre-2013 levels. And with so many sites jumping into the fray as of late, it almost seems counter productive. When I got into this game several years ago, there were 3-4 real sites doing coverage of toys. Sure, others existed, but they were sporadic at best. Infinite Hollywood prided itself on featuring offbeat figure reviews and such, but as the market became more saturated, we lost our voice and perhaps what little market share we had.

So what should I do going forward? I have hundreds of toys that need to be reviewed, but I often wonder if they’re worth the work. Reviews take a ton of time, particularly because of the detail we put into them. I like to think we have generally the most detailed reviews around. Unfortunately, they rarely generate comments and people would rather watch Youtube reviews instead it seems. I’m certain I’ll still do reviews, but they’re going to be less, I think.

Are you interested in more articles? Interviews? Conventions? Fun sides of the toy industry you don’t normally see? Reviews? Photos? Videos? Specific toy brands?

I’m not asking you to convince me to keep running Infinite Hollywood, but rather, I’d like some feedback on what you like and what you’d like to see going forward. Consider this a huge suggestion box. Do you like the website layout? Do I need an overhaul? Any critique, good, bad or otherwise would be greatly appreciated. I’m definitely at a crossroads and I want to make sure I’m headed down the right path.