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We’ve gotten our first few donators! Huzzah! It’s a little bit of a slow start this year, but three nice folks have donated. We’ve got a variety of good stuff donated, from My Little Pony to Transformers! I’ll be heading out this weekend to match these donations with donations of my own. For more info on Infinite Toys For Tots, just click this Link and find out how you can be a part of the fun.

Thanks to our first few donators, who not only helped provide a kid in need with a better Christmas, but were willing to share their photos with us as well.

Toys For Tots
We also had an online donation. You can send money to the Toys For Tots drive and forward us the receipt information as well. Every penny counts!


5 Inch Scale
By: GoGoDynamo
$15 (+$5 Venture Upgrade)

This year I joined up with the Toy Advent Calendar project, to present new reviews each day from different reviewers. I decided to do some reviews that were a bit off the beaten path, so up first is a Kickstarter toy that will melt your face in it’s awesome simplicity.

Modibot Mo
Earlier this year, I invested in a little Kickstarter called Modibot Mo. It was a smaller line that didn’t get the fanfare of say, the last Four Horsemen project. The two men behind this Kickstarter, had previously done an unsuccessful Kickstarter that I had backed as well. This time the figures were much different and were more or less the second coming of Stikfas/Xevoz.

Mousers Attack
The Kickstarted made it’s funding and unlike pretty much every other toy Kickstarter out there… This one actually made the figures! They even delivered them on time! Amazing, I know.

Modibot Mo comes to us from two guys who previously worked at Hasbro (and other places) and know all about the world of toys. Mo started off as a 3D printing project and people have made various versions of the Modibot for a while now. This is the first batch of China produced Modibot figures in actual plastic and not from a 3D printer. Continue reading

Rocksteady Figure Review

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
7 Inch Scale
By: Playmates

Despite being one of the core villains in the TMNT mythos, Rocksteady hasn’t gotten a figure in decades. To be fair, when the Ninja Turtles were relaunched in 2003, Rocksteady and Bebop were omitted as characters. Since that time, they’ve remained a fan favorite and now that Playmates is making a toy line in honor of the long history of the TMNT, Rocksteady (along with Bebop) was a natural choice for the line.

TMNT Classics
Even in the vintage line, Rocksteady and Bebop only recieved two “regular versions. The first release and the mutating version. None of the subsequent releases had a regular style, instead they tended to be doing some sort of wacky action or job. Playmates has had a lot of years to come up with a standardized look for the character, but what they’ve delivered here isn’t exactly that.

Rocksteady and Bebop
The TMNT Classics line has been a bit of an amalgamation from the beginning, but they also have a bit of their own style to them. There doesn’t appear to be a real rhyme or reason to their choices at times, but that doesn’t make this Rocksteady any less awesome. It’s clearly the best Rocksteady on a variety of merits. Continue reading

This post brought to you by Jack in the Box. All opinions are 100% mine.

 photo JacksMunchieMeal_zps550cae9c.png

I can’t tell you how many times that I’ve been up late and had the munchies. You know the deal, you’re out partying, you come back and everyone is hungry but no one knows what to eat. Everyone has suggestions, but each person wants something different. And then there’s nowhere open that has the stuff that you want. I can recall driving all over town on many a night, trying to find a cure for that craving of good food.

But all that is in the past, thanks to Jacks Munchie Meals! These meals are exclusive to Jack in the Box and are offered from 9pm until 5am in the morning. You know, the ultimate munchie times! Each meal not only has 2 tacos and Jack’s special halfsies fries, but it also has a drink and whatever main option you want. Whether it’s a Grilled Cheese Burger, Loaded Nuggets (with ranch and bacon!), Exploding Cheesy Chicken or the Brunch Burger (with hashbrowns on the burger). Continue reading

Playmates TMNT

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
5 Inch Scale
By: Playmates

Snakeweed (briefly called Stinkweed) was one of the first additional mutant villains we saw in the new Ninja Turtles line. It should be no surprise that he was also one of the first introduced in the Nickelodeon cartoon. Surprisingly, despite coming in earlier in the line, he’s in a lot of ways better than some of the later creations.

Snake attack
Snakeweed represents a real change in philosophy for the Ninja Turtles line, offering up quite a bit of articulation and completely new functions that previous TMNT figures have never had. Yet, this is very clearly a Playmates toy, with many of the stalwart pieces we’ve come to know from the house of Turtle. So is this figure worth adding to you collection this holiday season? Continue reading