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Super Mario Shy Guy
Super Mario Mini Figures Series 2
Shy Guy
2 Inch Scale
By K’Nex

First let me say, I apologize for the relative lack of updates around here in the past few weeks, but hopefully that drought is over. I have quite a few reviews planned for the next few days and the 5th Annual 31 Days of Halloween is set to start in less than a week. In the interim, I will be looking at a lot of random things including quite a few of these K’Nex Mario Mini Figures. It’s part of our MiniFig Initiative.

This is a new series of Mario Mini Figures, technically different than the first series I reviewed way back when. There was another series before this one, but it seems with Series 2 these things have finally gotten widespread distribution. K’Nex has also gotten their act together a bit and is offering more than just a handful of figures packed in with dozens of Marios.

While I have the entire series, I’ll go ahead and get this out of the way now. Shy Guy is my favorite. I’m not sure why I’ve always liked the Shy Guys, but they just appeal to me for some reason. They’re just so different than anything else in the already diverse Mario world. I’m sure part of that comes from them technically being leftovers from Doki Doki Panic, but either way K’Nex has finally decided to give the Shy Guy a chance to shine in these new blind bag packs.

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I was able to get some photos of the next round of the Nickelodeon Ninja Turtles figures due out. What makes these photos interesting, is that they follow the same guideline of “leaked” figures that were revealed earlier this week in an online list. That list, mentioned the Kirby Bat and Squirrelanoid specifically. Also on that list was a Nick Rocksteady and Bebop… So this could be interesting. Of course, it could also mean nothing.

First up is Mutagen Man, who we pretty much knew was coming. Mutagen Man was actually set up in the first season of the show, so we can expect him to be a major character in at least one episode. Perhaps several of Season 2. While he looks okay, he really lacks the fun and gruesome nature of the original. Just compare…

I think the original Mutagen Man is still a lot more fun. I will likely still pick up the new one, but it won’t be as memorable. I do applaud Nick for recreating the character.

Next we have the Kirby Bat. I’m not sure what this character will be all about, but as is typical with the TMNT, it will tie into Jack Kirby in some way. The figure doesn’t look particularly interesting to me. And frankly, a bit grotesque. Maybe he’s an artist who gets turned into a bat? Continue reading

How do you get a wrestler in the mailbox? Apparently you have to mail away for these old LJN figures. Today’s Classic Comic Ad is from the early 80’s and the start of LJN’s World Wrestling Federation line. These first LJN figures were pretty rough, but it gives you an inside peek into who WWF was marketing at the time. One of the neatest parts of this ad is that it shows off the complete first series of guys, who would then go on to be bootlegged for decades later.