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Breaking Bad
6″ Scale
By Mezco Toyz

After an incredible five seasons, the AMC epic Breaking Bad is winding down. And as this popular show enters the home stretch, the floodgates of merchandising have opened. Over the last few weeks I have spotted more Breaking Bad items than ever before, t-shirts, pint glasses, shot glasses, lanyards, keychains, plushes, air fresheners… and Mezco is leading the pack, with Walter White bobbleheads, action figures, and prop replicas.

Breaking Bad has become my second favorite television show of all time (to answer the obvious question, HBO’s The Wire is still #1). The saga of Walter White has been compelling and unrelenting since the pilot. I cannot say that there has ever been a bad episode throughout its run. In reaction to the most recent series premiere I read one reviewer remark that a single episode of Breaking Bad offers more story development than entire seasons of some shows. It’s true. The tension that builds at various points in the show always pays off in explosive and unexpected ways. The premise of a terminally ill high school chemistry teacher transforming into a drug kingpin sounds strange to the initiated, but the journey has been amazing. Walter White is the hero and the villain, occasionally hilarious and often terrifying. So when an action figure is made of this man, of course I need it in my collection.

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Covenant Minifigure

Halo Minifigures Series 6
Copper Covenant Guard
1 1/2 Inch scale
By: Mega Bloks

One of things you’re going to see more coverage of here in the weeks and months ahead is more mini figure reviews. Why? Honestly, I feel like mini figures started as kind of a trend but I am starting to believe this may just be the future of action figures as we know them. This is easily the area where the most growth is coming in the toy aisles. There are literally dozens of different mini figures on the market and unlike the vinyl market, it seems to have not faded at all with time.

Halo Figures
Which brings me to the Halo mini figures. I know NOTHING about Halo. Never played a Halo game and likely never will. However I have picked up some other Mega Bloks through the years. They are some of the best mini figures around, so I decided I would pick up a Halo mini figure and see if it was a item I might like.

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So this year I did not renew my Masters of the Universe Classics subscription. That noise you hear in the distance if the sound of my GF shouting with glee. She has come to hate Matty’s monthly raiding of our checking account. It’s interesting that I decided not to subscribe this year, when last year I was very close as well. Last year, Ram Man was the deciding factor. I desperately needed a Ram Man and he had the power to pull be back off the edge of not subscribing. What made the difference this time around? Let’s find out shall we!

Ram Man... Thankfully missing from this year's subscription drive.

Ram Man… Thankfully missing from this year’s subscription drive.

Let me preface this by saying, despite whatever you might think, I am not a Mattel hater. In the past few weeks Matty has gotten some snark from me in regards to their handling of the MOTU line, but I honestly don’t think they’re the worst thing ever. Truth be told, I love a lot about the line and always have. I’ve never gotten into some of the more radical conspiracy theories or felt like the company was out to get me in some grand scheme of evil. Yes, I posted last week about how I thought they were intentionally limiting certain figures, but I truthfully believe that and given their history of doing that exact practice with false sell-outs and such, I don’t think it’s a stretch to say it’s a possibility. Hopefully you agree, whether you believe that’s actually the case or not.

Lastly, I promise not to keep writing about the He-Man subs, but given the amount of responses recent topics have gotten versus some of my other content (that’s often a lot more work) I figured it’s worth mining for a bit longer. It also doesn’t hurt that I’m a bit lazy and terribly busy as of late and this is an easy topic to get some good discourse going.

Part 1The List
Before I re-upped my Club Eternia subscription this year, my GF challenged me to write a list of ten reasons why I should. She argued that if the line was worth it, this wouldn’t be that hard of a challenge. While some of the limitations she placed upon me were a bit over the top (I couldn’t list particular figures as a reason) it did get me to thinking about my allegiance to the MOTUC toy line.

While realistically I totally could have subscribed and told her to shove it, I thought it would make for a fun experiment. I originally planned to post 10 reasons why I wanted to subscribe on this website, followed by 10 reasons I shouldn’t. As you may have already figured out by now, neither came to fruition. The biggest problem was that I could barely come up with more than one reason why I should.

The crux of my argument for getting the subscription for another year was that “I like some of the figures”. It was specious at best. So I decided to look at the figures that are included in this year’s sub and evaluate which ones I like, which ones I wanted and which ones I never would have bought. The tally told me something very interesting. The numbers told me a lot about my MOTUC habit. Continue reading

Monsters Cereal Returns!.  (PRNewsFoto/General Mills)
In a rather shocking announcement, General Mills has revealed that this holiday season (and that holiday is Halloween) not only will Franken Berry and Boo Berry return to the shelves in what has become a bit of an annual tradition, but for the first time in decades, Frute Brute and Fruity Yummy Mummy will also return. It seems clear to me that bringing the cereals back as part of Halloween has been a great success for General Mills. My favorite remains to be Franken Berry, but I will definitely buy both of these when they hit the shelves later this fall.

Frute Brute 2
Frute Brute (sometimes spelled Fruit Brute) was a main cast member for a while, appearing mostly in the 70’s. He hasn’t been seen since 1983 and only children of that era really remember him. Fruity Yummy Mummy came around in the 80’s and I recall him immediately being a bit of a bastard child of the General Mills monsters. Of course, Boo Berry faded away for a long time as well. Perhaps these two monsters will get new life this season.

Interestingly, this will mark the first time that all five monster cereals have been available for purchase at once. Talk about a sugar high! If you’re a fan of the lime or vanilla flavored marshmallows, now is the time to stock up. I suspect if they do good, we might even see spin-off products like last year’s Monster Cereal Fruit Roll-Ups. There will apparently even be special retro boxes shipped to Target stores. The countdown to Halloween is on and General Mills is clearly in the spirit!

hasbro wwf
This Classic Comic Ad comes from the days when Hasbro ruled the world of wrestling. Hasbro’s WWF line was in some ways a step backwards for wrestling toys and yet at the same time, it also represented a great step forward. With tons of intricate detail, cool accessories and one of the most colorful roster assortments of all time. Hasbro’s WWF line just about had it all and some awesome commercials featuring WWF superstars like Macho Man, Roddy Piper and the Ultimate Warrior didn’t hurt.

This advertisement is for Toys R Us, which was your go to place for Hasbro WWF. I recall once going into Toys R Us and they had a whole wall of WWF Hasbro figures. Just a ridiculously huge section, not unlike something you’d see in a commercial. These days Toys R Us still has a decent selection of Mattel’s WWE figures, but it’s just not the same. I can’t believe the old ring was only $12.99 either! I had to build myself a ring out of various junk around the house.

There’s a great assortment of figures here, with classics like the Big Bossman and Brutus Beefcake along with the staples like Andre, Hogan, Macho and the Warrior. I’m not entirely sure how Akeem got in there, but maybe someone was a fan of the Twin Towers. Those old caricature figures from Hasbro just had a lot of charm. Also fun to note that TRU is making sure you know they take credit cards, which is an absolutely antiquated idea these days.