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Troops of doom
Earlier this week, the web comic Troops Of Doom celebrated it’s 5th anniversary. As someone who’s ran a site for a long time, I have to applaud the Troops of Doom for continuing to crank out Joe goodness each week for so many years. Troops of Doom has over 523 comics and 118 extra photos to date. The next five episodes will feature “Become a Troop of Doom” contests where readers can have a character named after them and have a recurring role in the comic.

Troops of Doom is an action figure webcomic featuring GI Joe battling Star Wars for Lego technology. Launched back in February 2008 and updated weekly. Check it out to see some beautiful action figure photography and some downright funny comics. Be sure to tell them that Infinite Hollywood sent ya!

Marvel Legends is back and with the Iron Man exclusive series in stores, let’s take a look at the “Neo Classic” Iron Man from this series. Hasbro has put this series out without a build-a-figure included, but are these guys still worth picking up? Do you need this Iron Man? Check out the video and see for yourself!

We all know that I’ve chronicled how Randy Orton figures just don’t sell very well for Mattel. I’ve seen it in plenty of Tales From The Toy Aisle trips, but apparently Mattel has figured out a solution to this problem. While cases featuring 2 or 3 Ortons tend to clog pegs, Matty has decided that perhaps it’ll sell better if they ship ENTIRE cases of Randy Orton figures.

Seriously, this is not a joke. The new Walmart exclusive series, called Superstar Entrances, features WWE wrestlers wearing a t-shirt. That in itself is nothing new, as Jakks made plenty of figures like this. However, this is the first time that Mattel has really done this and they’ve made an entire series of repaints in this fashion exclusive for Walmart. The concept itself isn’t bad, but why on Earth did they ship an entire case of Ortons? Who knows, but if your Walmart is unlucky enough to get one of the Orton cases, expect to see them until the end of time.

Oddly enough, there are regular case packs as well. It seems that only some Walmarts are getting the Orton cases. Who knows why they chose to make who cases of Randy Orton, but I know it’s going to suck if he starts filling the pegs. Of course, I don’t really collect WWE Basics, so I shouldn’t have too much to worry about. Not like my stores stock Mattel WWE figures anyway, but a few K-marts around here are still choking to death on Ortons from cases where he wasn’t the only figure.

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It’s time for another Q&A with Mattel, fresh back from ToyFair, what beans do they have to spill?!

1. The protos for King He-Man showed a broken crown. We were told this was an actual break and that the figure wouldn’t come that way. Now test shots have surfaced and they also show a broken crown (albeit in a different spot) is there something wrong with the mold or is King He-Man supposed to come with a broken crown?

Editor’s Note: I didn’t get an answer here. I don’t know if they lost the question (quite possible) or if they didn’t want to talk about it because I brought up a test shot that leaked on Ebay. Either way, the King He-Man at ToyFair had both crown points, so I think it’s safe to say that there’s just potential for them to break off and it’s not in there by design.

2. Is Evil-Seed the type of character that fits into that “core” that could finish out the line, or is he more considered a “fringe” character?

Considering he was in both Filmation and Mike Young series that would definitely bump him up a bit. But no plans to announce right now.

3. There was a fair amount of issue with Granamyr breaking for many fans. Is this something that Mattel is aware of and looking into for future larger scale figures (should they come about)?

While there was some quality control with Granamyr, based on the number of individual posters (not the same customer posting multiple times) and actual requests for returns/exchanges, the QC rate was incredibly small and we do replace any defective product. This was a bit of a case of a very small number of units with QC seeming like a much larger issue due to the nature of the internet. We aren’t saying there were not QC issues, but the overall number of units with issues was extremely small.

Editor’s Note: I’m sure a lot of people will question the validity of this one, but it makes sense. Although I seem to recall hearing more issues about Granamyr than I did other QC things like Green Goddess, but then again, I didn’t count them up, so who knows. I think they likely got less returns on him because some people were able to fix the issue and others would rather have a broken one than none at all, but that’s speculation on my part.

4. And idea if Mattel will be at C2E2 this year?

No, we will not be at C2E2 in 2013.

Editor’s Note: Boooo! Hiss! I wonder why Mattel has stopped going to C2E2? They had such a nice roll out 2 years ago and were very well received. I’m blaming PowerCon.

5. Flashbacks have become a great way to get Legends into the line, but the distribution on them is really a pain on collectors. Given that they’ve proven to be popular sellers, why are they still often being packed 1 per case and sometimes not at all in revision cases? Couldn’t they at LEAST be packed 2 per case?

We are always looking at the best case packs that offer figures for collectors and kids. We totally here you on this one and will pass the comments on to the team.

If you have questions you’d like submitted to Mattel, email me or reply here with a question and I’ll try to get it asked. No matter what your question, I will ask it of Mattel. I need some good questions folks.