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WWE Basic Survivor Series Heritage
Big Show
7 Inch Scale
By: Mattel

I’ve already written at length about the Big Show, so I’ll spare you a recap. Instead I’ll point out that Mattel started doing something rather clever with their WWE basics line by offering up “Heritage” series in which they can offer up classic versions of wrestlers they already have signed to contracts.

It’s a really novel idea, although Mattel hasn’t really used this to the best of their ability. Some of the figures they have made aren’t of characters that old. Sometimes it seems like a waste. Especially if it’s going to yet another John Cena figure. This Survivor Series Heritage Big Show is an interesting choice as well. While he does look significantly different than the most recent Big Show, I’m not sure if this is what I’d consider a classic Big Show.

If I had been Mattel, I would have made a Big Show from earlier in his WWE career, back when he was feuding with Austin. On a side note, that should have been an awesome feud. It’s a shame the WWE weren’t willing to do more with Big Show back then. Regardless, he’s a classic throwback basic figure.

The packaging here is pretty bland if I’m to be honest. It does feature a nice shot of the Big Show from the era on it. The light blue tones are decent and do help it stand out from the other more current offerings on the shelf, but it’s not a visually stunning or eye catching package.

The back of the package shows off the other figures in the series and has a bigger classic picture of the Big Show, along with a facsimile of an autograph.

This is not the first Big Show to use this body sculpt, but it actually hasn’t been on shelves in some time. The very first Big Show figure from Mattel had this body, but subsequent ones used the “two strap” singlet mold that Show changed to shortly after Mattel took over the license. In a way that makes this figure feel a bit fresher, even though it is a reuse.

Of course the draw here is the classic head. This is from 2005, which really doesn’t seem like that long ago, but I guess it is. It seems like Big Show has been bald forever, but back in ’05 he still had a fair amount of hair. He was also rocking a bit of an Amish guy beard, which this figure reflects.

The face sculpt is nice and pretty fitting for the era and match this is supposed to be. Although he is missing some wrist tape and an elbow pad. I could skip the wrist tape as Big Show rarely wore that even if he did at Survivor Series, but the elbow pad would have been nice.

Show has all his tattoos and believe it or not, since more skin is exposed, he has more tattoo applications than his most recent Elite figure.

He even has his original tattoo, which was the first one I ever recall seeing on him, even back in the WCW Giant days. It’s a TKE or Tau Kappa Epsilon tattoo. Nice attention to detail from Mattel.

Big Show has a lot of tattoos. It’s also interesting that they gave him all his tats, but didn’t give him chest hair. It’s kind of odd who gets chest hair paint applications and who doesn’t.

The detail on these things is superb. I was checking this tattoo out up close. It’s this cool image of a cat lady with a big tiger. Big Show must like tigers or something. I bet he eats them.

The tattoos have slightly less color than the Elite version, but I can’t actually see color missing. It just looks more faded.

I actually think the faded ones look a bit more realistic, as in real life his tattoos look lighter than the Elite figure probably has them. Another nice thing is that these figures are scaled the same as the Elites. Unlike Jakks who had two different scales for their better articulated figures. This means you can mix and match with all the figures and not have any scale issues.

Basic figures emulate the old WWE Jakks Ruthless Aggression style of articulation. They do have an additional ankle swivel, but it’s not much to make you notice that much of a difference.

The range of motion in the arms is the exact same as it was in the Elite figure. The head does seem to have less motion, but that’s due to the head sculpt, not the body style. You don’t have the chest articulation from the Elite.

Nor do you have the ball jointed legs, thigh swivels, double jointed knees or the rocker ankles. It’s pretty basic articulation, but given that Big Show is no acrobat, he doesn’t feel as stiff as some of the other offerings in the Basic lineup.

You get nothing.

It sucks when you’re paying $10 (and up to $12 in some locations!) for a figure that doesn’t come with a single accessory. Mattel has been very stingy with the accessories.

These are some of the cheaper figures on the market these days, but that still doesn’t mean their value is great. Some folks prefer the “Basic” style and others prefer the “Elites”. I’m definitely in the latter camp, but the nice thing is that both types of figures are scaled with one another so you can mix and match if you’re a kid or if they don’t offer your favorite superstar in a particular style. The lack of accessories and weaker articulation make this an okay buy, but not a great value.

Score Recap:
Packaging – 7
Sculpting – 8
Paint – 8
Articulation – 6
Accessories – N/A
Value – 7
Overall – 6.5 out of 10

“Okay, who has to go to the bathroom, raise your hand?”

This is a pretty neat figure, but he’s mostly just a new head sculpt and some good tattoo tampos. As such I can’t give him a super high rating, especially when he is missing a few attention to detail elements like an elbow pad. It’s nice to have a Big Show figure with some hair, though.

“WEELLLLL… It’s a Gaggle of Big Shows!”

Ringside Collectibles has announced their newest Mattel WWE exclusive figure. Ringside does a couple of these a year. The latest is an nWo version of the Macho Man. The first promo shot of the figure went up today.

Personally I love it, but as is typical with these exclusives, the $30 price tag hurts. No word if Macho Man comes with anything more than what’s shown here, but I was a big fan of the nWo era of Macho Man as it revived his career allowing him to become a dangerous and wild heel again. He’ll also go great with the upcoming DDP figure. The Madness was great… Shame he doesn’t come with an alternate Madness shirt.

The big news is that the figure has a new head sculpt. It looks good thus far, but we’ll have to see if without the hat and glasses to know how good it is for sure. You may remember I was critical of the Original Macho Man figure head. It was decent, but not the greatest likeness.

You can pre-order the figure over at Ringside Collectibles now.

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I don’t know if it’s the changing of the times or the fact that Jimmy Hart has become a close personal associate of Hulk Hogan, but it’s a bit odd to read that Hart wants “to lick” on the WWF Superstars. Classic Comic Ads can always point those things out, though. At the time when this was printed in WWF Magazines and comics, it didn’t seem perverted at all.

WWF Ice Cream bars by Good Humor were one of those things that completely slipped out of the conscience of most wrestling fans. At least until earlier this year when CM Punk brought them up in a promo. Punk spearheaded a short and unsuccessful campaign to get a new version of the bars made. It just goes to show you how wrestling has a different stigma attached to it now.

This old school ad has all the elements of a classic. I particularly like the packaging for the bars, which features only two wrestlers: Hulk Hogan and the Junkyard Dog. A lot of fans today don’t realize just how popular JYD was, but his inclusion next to Hogan should give you some idea. Another interesting twist is that the bars were officially named “WWF Superstars of Wrestling” bars. The WWE now no longer is allowed to call itself the WWF or use the phrase “Superstars of Wrestling”.

And you have to love the little quote at the bottom: Take it from the mouth, “Once you lick ’em, you’ll love ’em!” Yeah… That sounds perverted.

It’s time once again to shine a spotlight on some of the interesting customizers out there in the toy collecting realm. I noticed this on Ebay today and thought it might be of interest to vintage He-Man collectors.

This is not my figure and I don’t know the guy who made it. I just happened to stumble upon it. I guess there’s still a fairly big community of classic Masters of the Universe collectors out there. Vintage MOTU customs seem to be on the rise if my research at tells me anything. This figure is coming from Buenos Aires. Who knew there were hardcore MOTU fans in Argentina?!

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