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Mr. Potato Head
Monster Mash
7 Inch Scale
By: Hasbro

For years Mr. Potato Head remained largely unchanged, but in the last decade or so he’s become a powerhouse of various special editions. Two years ago I reviewed the Mr. Potato Head Trick or Tater, and this year I saw the new version, Monster Mash! When I saw him in the store, I just had to get him… Although he looked a bit light on accessories compared to his previous skins.

The packaging is pretty simple in the realm of Mr. Potato Head toys. These are little bubble cards that are almost like a clamshell, but are actually cards. Potato Head is pretty easy to get free and he comes mostly assembled.

The back sort of explains what all he comes with. This would make more sense if it wasn’t all so readily visible, but it’s pretty clear what he comes with just by looking in the package. One interesting note is that Potato Head no longer just has feet… He also has “pants”. It’s a tiny, tiny difference, though.

You might naturally assume that all Mr. Potato Heads are alike. I know that’s what I thought. However, upon closer examination, he’s quite a bit different than the previous model.

The new potato body is shaped a bit different without a “mouth” preformed and is quite a bit shorter. You could say he’s a small fry! The mouth piece now has a large opening, so you can move his mouth around a bit.

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House of the Wolf Man
Directed by Eben McGarr
Starring Ron Chaney
Available on DVD
The 31 Days of Halloween wraps up today with not one, not two, but three different reviews. We start with a modern “vintage” film, in the 2009 direct-to-DVD film, House of the Wolf Man. The concept is simple, take the old Universal Studios Monsters, make a new movie with them (or as close as you can legally get without paying for the rights) in classic style of black and white, mix in one Chaney family relative and instant success?

Oh if only that worked out. Normally I try not to do spoilers in reviews, but this movie isn’t good and if you’re interested in seeing it, the review will only help to guide you to the film (and possibly lower your expectations to a realistic level) and if you’re not going to see it, what do you care if I spoil it?

The plot is simple enough and the concept is actually novel, fill in the gap of the “House of” series from Universal. You see, once Universal realized they had a money making franchise on their hands with the monsters, they started putting them together to do battle. First in Wolf Man meets Frankenstein and then a series of films with “House Of” in the title. The Wolf Man never got a House film, until now.

We start out with two kids arriving at a spooky old castle. The kids are Reed and Mary Chapel, brother and sister. Reed is dressed like a 50’s high school football player and could have been an extra on Dobie Gillis. Mary has really weird and unnatural shaped hair. They’ve been summoned to the house because they might be heir to it. Once inside they meet a creepy butler and the owner, mad scientist Bela Reinhardt. We know he’s mad, because he has the outfit. Also his face never changes expression. Then again, maybe that’s just Ron Chaney’s bad acting.
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Does anybody out there have a better movie catalog than Disney? Their library of films includes something for everyone and best of all, they have films that are not only classics but great wholesome fun for the whole family. Did you know that Disney now has an exclusive movie club, that works similar to other subscription programs but has all the great feature films of the Disney corporation. It’s called the Disney Movie Club.

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Gremlins 2
6 Inch Scale

Gremlins is one of those fantastic 80’s properties that transcends time. The original film is a genre bending horror/comedy that walks the line between being serious and having some downright truly horrific and creepy visuals, while also having some hilarity as well. Joe Dante really crafted a unique film that is loved by many and is a Christmas tradition in my household.

Gremlins 2 is a sequel also directed by Joe Dante and basically serves as a parody of the original film. Dante was upset that the original film was going to be turned into a franchise and so he got the studio execs to agree to let him direct the sequel and then intentionally tried to make the worst movie he could. Sadly, the studios were so inept to catch on because Gremlins 2 did everything that the studio no doubt wanted… It amped up all the humor elements and went over the top with everything, including but not limited Hulk Hogan and Bugs Bunny cameos.

The one “good” thing to come out of Gremlins 2, despite the fact that a majority of the cast got back together and the premise itself wasn’t terrible, is that many of the Gremlins designs were pretty neat. NECA has had the Gremlins license for a few years, but thanks to a re-release in Toys R Us, the line is actually back and stronger now than ever.
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