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There’s something charming about the old Mego Batman toys. They sort of capture the essence of the 1960’s Batman TV show, even if they weren’t terribly accurate. Of course they weren’t official toys of that show either. However Mego collectors are constantly making 1960’s Batman TV characters.

In fact in the Mego “Reimagined” catalogue, from the Mego Museum, there is a whole section devoted to that very same idea. This figure popped up on Ebay a while back and is someone’s meticulous recreation of a Adam West style Mego Batman. It looks like it’s using a modified body, maybe even a Famous Covers body, but whatever the case it’s excellent.

There is a major market being missed by not capitalizing more on that Adam West Batman era. I dunno if Mattel can make a toy line for it, but someone should. I think these cloth style figures would be great, but even 6 inch or smaller would work. Kudos to the customizer who came up with this one.

I tried to find out more about this figure, but couldn’t find much. These pictures are from the Ebay auction. I don’t recall what this figure went for, it was a while back, but I’m sure it ended up going for a pretty penny. It’s a magnificent piece, not just for Mego collectors but for anyone.

While the 1960’s TV Batman has been lampooned from everything to major motion pictures like Kick Ass to literally a 60’s TV Batman porno, there is no denying that it’s very much a part of Americana. Something I’m surprised DC Direct or some other toy company hasn’t focused in on. It’s a license to print money I tell ya. I guess for now we’ll have to settle for customs.


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You unlock this door with the key of imagination. Beyond it is another dimension – a dimension of sound, a dimension of sight, a dimension of mind, a dimension known simply as Walmart. Toothless rednecks, ghetto thugs and three dollar packs of underwear. Wally World, where anything is possible but disappointment is definite. Today we travel to Walmart for another… TALES FROM THE TOY AISLE!

I’ve been doing most my shopping online as of late, but decided to head out to one of the bigger Walmarts in town this weekend for a new Tales. I figured since it had been so long since I was at Walmart, that there would be a new influx of toys. I had hoped to check out the A-Team figures and maybe some new DCUC guys as well.

Right off I checked the DCUC. My Walmart has now dedicated three whole pegs to DC Universe Classics, but there was only a total of three figures there. That’s starting to get old. There is a “Best Of” repack Nightwing down at the bottom, but one of the pegs is actually filled with DCIH figures. Man this is a mess. It’s also lame that these rereleases don’t come with their C&C piece.

I just happened to cut down the girls aisle, (no I wasn’t looking for Care Bears!) and low and behold this caught my eye. See, I thought only boys were subjected to stupid stuff like Spider-man and Superman needing a car, but look… It’s a MY LITTLE PONY CAR! It defies all reason. Why would a horse need a car? How does a horse drive a car? Oh well what can you do.

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So here’s something a little different. CARE BEARS! I didn’t even really know they made Care Bears action figures. I wasn’t one of those boys who was interested in girls toys and I never had a sister. I do vaguely remember some Care Bear stuff at my girl cousin’s, but I think she mostly had My Little Pony figures.

I did watch the Care Bears cartoon on occasion when I was a kid because they showed all the cartoons in blocks back then. You’d have to watch Care Bears to get to He-Man. It was a brutal cycle. I also recall watching some reruns on some of those Disney Channel previews in the early 1990’s just because it was a novelty, but by the by I know very little about the Care Bears.

However my girlfriend went out of town this past week to visit her family, but before she left another family member brought over a few boxes of her stuff from when she was a kid. Mostly baby blankets and old Nancy Drew books, but there in the rubble was action figures! Huzzah! At some point in her life, my girlfriend collected action figures! Not Barbies, but honest to goodness action figures. I considered it quite the discovery.

So I thought it might be fun to take a look at these guys. Apparently these figures were pretty popular with girls back in the 1980’s and they even had a couple of vehicles and playsets. Awesome. Each figure has a name, such as Wish Bear the one with the Shooting Star on his chest. The one with the four leaf clover is Good Luck Bear.

Each figure has a couple points of articulation. The legs are simple cuts and are free to move however, as is the neck. Oddly enough the arms are connected through a single joint, which means if you move one arm, the other arm must move as well. I hated toys like that as a kid and it seems like an odd thing to do. You’d think it’d made more sense to do that to the legs than arms.

Each figure has something unique about their sculpt, although there is a fair amount of reuse. The figures arms are made of a strange rubber that obviously didn’t do so well being in a dusty old box for the last two decades, so they got a lot of grime and fuzz on them. Some even changed colors, but no Mego melt.

Each figure also has a heart on the back of the character. As I recall, this was a plastic piece on the original plush Care Bears toys. Some of these guys are a bit rare too, like Bright Heart Raccoon, which can go for up to $30 some of the time. The rarest were some that only saw release in Europe.

The feet (except on Bright Heart Raccoon) are interesting too. They are bent in two places, which means you have to carefully balance them to stand up. It does somewhat change their posing ability to add more stances, but it’s also a bit peculiar.

The face sculpts are all unique and they for the most part feature a strand of hair sticking out of their head. I guess that was so little girls could comb their hair? It reminds me a bit of My Little Pony in that sense. This bear also looks like he should be called Breaking Bad Bear, since he’s obviously on the meth.

Here’s all the Care Bears featured here, Cheer Bear, Wish Bear, Friend Bear, Birthday Bear, Grumpy Bear, Bedtime Bear, Good Luck Bear, Tenderheart Bear, Bright Heart Raccoon and Hellboy Bear.

And now you know a little bit about Care Bears. Go eat some beef jerky and set something on fire to feel more manly again… Or go to Ebay and buy some of these guys. I won’t hold it against you.

Godzilla Final Wars
Alien X
6 Inch Scale
By: Bandai

Of all the things I like, no two are probably higher up on the list than Godzilla and wrestling. Literally from the time I was born until today I have watched both quite passionately. They both have a lot of simularities and clearly that had an influence on me as a kid with my epic “monster wrestling”, which was basically Godzilla fights. When Godzilla Final Wars came out in 2004, I was excited since it was supposed to be a homage of sorts to Destroy All Monsters, a film that as a kid I largely believed to be the end-all be-all of Godzilla films and Monster Wrestling.

Suddenly, monsters all appear around the world at major cities and the EDF promptly swings into action, attempting to drive away the monsters, but achieves little success. The various monsters and locations include Anguirus in Shanghai, Rodan in New York City, King Caesar in Okinawa, Kamacuras in Paris, Kumonga in Arizona, Zilla in Sydney and Ebirah near Tokyo. Then, after destroying much of their cities, the monsters vanish as an enormous alien mothership hovers over Tokyo. Aliens called the Xilians then reveal themselves, insisting they are friendly and that they have eliminated the monsters. They also warn the Earth’s governments about impending danger in the form of an asteroid called Gorath that will crash into Earth. Consequently, the Space Nations is established, an alliance that would unite the universe. Ozaki, Miyuki, and several others distrust them. After much researching and undercover work, they discover the Xilians are up to no good. Finally, the Xilians turn out to be evil and unleash the monsters to destroy Earth.

Of course as a kid I saw Destroy All Monsters only briefly and apparently thought the film was way better than it actually is. As an homage, Godzilla Final Wars definitely works as it’s just as uneven as the original, although the monster fights are much more fun. Final wars brought back the goofy space alien concept, but this time infused it with much Matrix style fighting and sword play, with mutants and mayhem along the way. In essence Final Wars ramped up the human side plot but also made it into a mishmash of every sci-fi Japanese cliche out there, including the “normal” form of the Xillians, which is what the Alien X toy here depicts. It’s strange that Bandai would make a figure of this character, since it’s not actually a Kaiju, but the Sentai design lends itself well to a toy.

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