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We’ve been trying to keep the Halloween spirit alive all month this year with our 31 Days of Halloween, but we’re not the only ones celebrating October’s spookiest night. Plenty of my pals out there in the pop culture and toy world are putting out content as well. So today we’re checking in with a special

Halloween Edition of The Best of What’s Around!

Philip Reed has been taking a look at all sorts of Halloween related goodness this week and you’ll definitely want to check in there for some ghastly features on this final night of All Hallow’s Eve. Battle Grip: Halloween Week

Over at Articulated Discussion they’re celebrating 7 Nights of Halloween and they’ve been working hard to make figures celebrate the holiday. Articulated Discussion: 7 Nights of Halloween

OAFE is one of the oldest toy review websites out there so they get a pass for dusting off some old reviews this season. It’s like someone giving you old candy, but it still tastes good. They got some spiffy new content mixed in too. OAFE.Net Halloween

Ever wondered where the nonsense about Scare Glow being Skeletor’s Ghost came from? Well it started as a Halloween post over at X-E and took on a life of it’s own in a Halloween Meme kinda deal. Check it out Evil Ghost of Skeletor as well as their 2009 Halloween celebration. Because honestly, it’s not Halloween without X-E’s Halloween Countdown and the rest of us are just posers to it’s awesomeness.

I haven’t carved a Jack-O-Lantern in years but I’ve been wanting to for some time. I finally got my girlfriend on board to the idea as this is the first Halloween in a long time where we’re actually going to be home. So tonight we carved some pumpkins for tomorrow’s big Halloween celebration.

The pictures turned out a tad blurry, but suffice to say they’re both really cool. She did the one with the scarecrow deal and I did the slightly more traditional Jack-O-Lantern. Pretty cool as I always liked the creepy Jack-O-Lantern heads.

Hopefully we get a pretty good turnout of kids and some cool costumes.

Every year kids head out looking for great Halloween grabs on October 31st. You can get just about any kind of candy on Halloween. I always liked getting Smarties and other sweet and sour candies. I enjoyed 3 Musketeers as well, but chocolate was rarely my favorite. However without fail each year you’d come across a house that was giving away candy from the dark ages. As I’ve gotten older I can appreciate a nice Bit-O-Honey or something of similar ilk, but I’ll never forget the dreaded… Orange and Black candy!

Does this crap even have a name? Seriously I think it’s the only candy that’s sold in bulk under no name. I think it might be called “Crap you can buy in mass quantities and kids won’t eat” or some such. Year after year this would always be the last candy I ate. Usually I wouldn’t even eat it. I’d know how much real candy I had left by the ratio of orange and black that showed up in the bottom of my bag. Eventually the last Tootsie Roll would be gone and I’d be left with this crap.

Part of me is charmed that this stuff is still around. Part of me feels sorry for the poor kids who end up getting it. Might as well get a bag full of dirt.

What’s your least favorite Halloween treat?

Today I’m taking a look at something a little different. It’s a Halloween Mr. Potato Head known as “Trick or Tater”. I had seen this guy on a few different places and was hoping to buy one. I haven’t seen him in any stores but tonight I stumbled across him at Target and figured I might as well get him while I still could.

I’m going to do a full review but it’ll be more brief than normal because of the nature of the toy. I haven’t messed around with Mr. Potato Head in probably 20 years, so let’s see how he shapes up after all this time.

The package is about as basic as you can get. When I was a kid Mr. Potato Head came in a box, but it seems like he’s gotten a smaller package over time. This one is pretty good with a card backer and the whole front encased in a bubble.

I was able to get the package open in a way that allowed me to even repackage it back up if I wanted. So that’s a plus. It’s not really a collector friendly package but it was nice that I didn’t have to tear it up to get him out.

The back (as well as the front) give you a couple of ideas for costumes as well as lists all his parts. I don’t think Mr. Potato Head’s arms used to come out of the sockets, but I could be wrong about that. I’m fairly certain the one I had as a kid had them made in there though.

He’s a Mr. Potato Head… I mean really.

He can move his arms with a swivel and his feet can pivot a bit. All his eyes, ears, etc also can swivel and pop out.

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Life has a funny way of throwing stuff at you in a curveball. I’ve had a trying couple of weeks, not super bad or anything but mentally taxing ones. As a result I was headed out to Toys R Us today to pick up a few 6th Doctor figures for my fellow collectors out there (Don’t say I never did nothing for ya) and I was fully prepared to spend a few bucks on something for myself. Mostly just to “feel better” and I had pretty much determined what I was going to buy in my head.

Then I walked into TRU and right next to the Doctor Who figures was the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man. I sort of felt like Ray Stantz at the end of the original Ghostbusters. Here was something from my childhood that I loved and it totally caught me off guard. I’ve wrote at some length before here at Infinite Hollywood about Childhood Memories and over at Poe Ghostal’s about how when I was really young my brother and I used to have “Monster Wrestling” where our two favorite gladiators of the time, Wampa and Stay Puft, would battle it out.

When my parents got divorced a decade or so ago I had to give up most of my childhood toys as I moved away. They no longer were going to keep my junk at there separate houses and I had to essentially watch as tons of my toys were sold off or thrown away. I did get to go in and have my own personal version of Schindler’s List where I saved a certain few figures and despite being one of the oldest and most beat up toys there, I saved the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man. I just loved that toy as a kid, even if it was basically a dog chew toy. So when I saw this figure in TRU today, he called out to me.

EVEN THOUGH, way back on August 10th when Poe Ghostal reviewed this figure I said I wouldn’t get it because it wasn’t articulated enough. Despite all that was working against this figure, it had a lot going for it too and as a result I’m the proud owner of a brand new Stay Puft Marshmallow Man and it’s glorious.

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