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So the randomizer has spoken and the winner of the full DCUC Wave 6 set is Tom K. A.! Tom has 7 days to contact me with his information and I’ll send it on out. Because the participation was so good across the board, I’ve decided to pick a runner-up winner as well. That winner is Gilltron! Gilltron will recieve a loose DCUC Wave 6 Captain Marvel!

Thanks to everybody who participated and hopefully folks will still comment on posts around here. You never know when another giveaway might be done!

Winners can contact me via the contact button up above and send me an email with their information. In the event that neither person contacts me in time, I’ll redraw.

Thanks again everyone for their contributions and congratulations to the winners.

A bunch of random ratings news for anyone that cares. Dollhouse, the show that Fox decided to back instead of the much better Terminator, bombed pretty big on it’s return debut. This season will probably be it’s last. Might should have given Terminator another season instead, at least at some point it got high ratings, whereas Dollhouse never has.

Over on NBC the return of Law & Order didn’t do very good either. I watched the episode and it was better than I thought it would be, but I wonder if some people didn’t tune out because it was so political? The previews made it sound like it was Jack McCoy versus the Bush Administration, but that was more side plot than anything. Hopefully the show can pick up some steam, last season was really good and NBC has tinkered with the idea of canceling Law & order. Which would be a mistake.

Also for those wondering, Leno’s ratings are taking a nose dive as well. He’s still beating Conan, Dave and everyone else, but he’s on an hour earlier too. Meanwhile NBC continues to give Conan worse guests than even Jimmy Fallon gets. Conan’s only hope is that Leno’s show completely bombs, but I’m not sure Leno’s show will ever get lower ratings than Conan’s Tonight Show gets, just on timeslot alone. Whatever, Conan FTW!

And finally, CW’s highest rated original show, Smallville got shafted to a new Friday timeslot. Everyone said this was a terrible idea as Friday is a bad night for TV in general and CW has nothing to help the show out, so guess what? It was down 45% from last season. I’m sure the CW will either blame this on Smallville or it was part of their plan all along to ax the show. Hopefully people catch on that Smallville now airs Friday. Smallville is just starting to get really interesting. If we can make it to another season, it’ll be a full Superman show and I’m all for that. CW did offer Tom Welling a new contract for another year, so it seems odd that they’ve stuck Smallville on Fridays with virtually no advertising.

I liked the debut episode well enough but it’s too early to really know where anything is going. The appearance of former TSCC actor Brian Austin Green already looks promising though. Plus we’re getting a lot more Clark/Lois stuff. Hopefully Smallville can rise above it’s network’s faults. CW, NBC and Fox tend to do really stupid stuff with all of their shows but sadly they always seem to be the only networks willing to get good shows going before canceling them when they aren’t immediate hits.

Does anyone else remember Mac Tonight and the McDonalds Happy Meal Mac Tonight toys? I had a bunch of these when I was a kid. I have to give McDonalds credit they were pretty smart there for a while. Create their own characters, make kids love them, then make kids want the toys of them.

Of course they’d done the same thing before with Ronald and all his pals, but Mac Tonight was just different. He was adult. He wasn’t aimed at kids, yet they made Happy Meal toys of him. I had a bunch of the Jeep one too. Couldn’t get rid of that thing for years. I think I had them all.

Apparently McDonalds brought Mac Tonight back in 2007ish when they were making their nationwide open 24 hour campaign. I never saw new Mac Tonight commercials, but I guess they made them. Not popular enough for new toys though.

Swamp Thing actor and star of the two major motion pictures as well as the TV show, Dick Durock passed away this past Thursday. Although most people probably remember Durock’s run with Swamp Thing as somewhat campy, he always seemed to really embrace the character well. In fact I thought Dick Durock really got Swamp Thing and brought a lot of emotion to the character despite wearing layers of makeup and rubber.

More here about the life of Durock. He was pretty young all things considered. He did a lot of bit work throughout Hollywood.

I listened to an interview with Dick Durock about a year ago shortly after the release of the first season of Swamp Thing the TV series. I haven’t heard anything about the second season being released, but it’s a good DVD to pick up for cheap if you want to see some of the better Swamp Thing costumes. The show isn’t great, nor were the movies, but Dick Durock did a great job with them. I always wished they’d had the TV show costume for the first movie, it probably would have done better.

This past weekend I had tried to go out and get some of the new DC Universe Classics Walmart exclusives. Walmart now is carrying both the new Wave 10 with the Joker as well as the DCUC 5 Pack with Batman and Superman that I’ve been after. Here’s the fruits of my labor:

As you can see, no DCUC 5 packs. Just a big gapping empty hole. Now, you could say to me, that they’ve sold out. Maybe they did. However, this has been the case EVERY TIME I’ve went to this and any other Walmart. They never have any. Notice, they have stacks of DCIH packs though… Because nobody buys that crap. Well at least they had some DCUC singles, right?

Nope. Not a single figure. Again, this isn’t a one off instance. This is what happens every time I got to these stores. Heck, I even asked a Walmart employee to go back and see if they had them and to my surprise they did go back and actually looked… But nothing. You may notice that near the big empty DCUC holes is rows of DCIH (because it doesn’t sell) and rows of Marvel Universe that has been replinished numourous times.

Mattel, I can’t buy “Walmart Exclusive” figures if they NEVER have them. Some of my Walmart still don’t even carry the 5 packs and the ones that “do” are always stocked with these invisible variants.

I’ll defer to Oscar Rogers on this…