2009 is in the record books. Although I actually started this blog way back in 2007, I never did much with it. A handful of posts here or there, but I actually spent a lot of time working on other blogs. In March of 2009 I decided to come back and focus on making Infinite Hollywood a hub for all things cool. It wasn’t until May when we started updating the site on a daily basis. While it was a slow start, I think we’ve managed to build up quite a little site here. I’m really hoping 2010 will be even better.

Here’s a look at all the toy reviews I did this year. Some of these early ones aren’t the best, but still doing 115 toy reviews in the amount of time I did is pretty impressive. This doesn’t include the dozens of TV show, movie, game and other reviews or even my “brief” figure spotlights of a particular toy. This is just the 115 full toy reviews we did. Enjoy the look back.

Marvel Comics Figure Reviews:
Marvel Universe Incredible Hulk Review
Marvel Universe Thing Review
Marvel Universe Red Hulk Review
Marvel Universe Moon Knight Review
Marvel Universe Hobgoblin Review
Marvel Universe Iron Man Review
Marvel Universe Secret Wars Hulk & Cyclops Review
Marvel Universe Secret Wars Magneto & Spider-man Review
Marvel Universe Electro Review
Marvel Legends Baron Zemo Review
Marvel Legends Moon Knight Review
Wolverine XO: Iceman Review
Wolverine XO: Cyclops Review
Marvel Select Moon Knight Review
Spectacular Spider-man Review

Doctor Who Figure Reviews:
9th Doctor Review
4th Doctor Review
Scarecrow & Blue Tie Variant Review
Blue Clockwork Man Review
Judoon Captain Review
“Invasion” Cyberman Review
Supreme Dalek Review
Vashta Nerada Review
Aged & Ancient Doctor Review
Magnus Greel & Mr. Sin Review
Captain Jack Harkness w/10th Doctor’s Hand Review
Bannakaffalatta Review
Gelth Phantom Review
Sea Devil Review
SV7 Robot Review
D84 Robot Review
3rd Doctor & Sea Devil Review
“Real Time” 6th Doctor Review
2nd Doctor & Tomb Cyberman Review
1st Doctor & Saucer Dalek Review
4th Doctor Adventure Set Review

DC Comics Figure Reviews:
JLU Parasite Review
JLU: Blackhawk 3 Pack Review
JLU Secret Society 6 Pack Review
DC Infinite Heroes Battle for Metropolis Review
DC Infinite Heroes Manhunter Review
DC Infinite Heroes Hawkman Review
DCUC Blue Beetle Review
DC Direct Red Son Superman Review

GI Joe Figure Reviews:
ROC Sgt. Stone Review
ROC Heavy Duty Review
ROC Firefly Review
ROC Agent Helix Review
ROC Destro Review
ROC Baroness Review
ROC Cobra Commander Review
ROC Arashikage Cycle Snake-Eyes Review
ROC Monkeywrench & Tunnel Rat 2 Pack Review
ROC Night Adder Review
ROC Viper Commando Serpent Armor Review
ROC Grand Slam w/Air Assault Review
ROC 1/6 Scale Destro Review
Resolute BAT Review

Mego-Style Figure Reviews:
Commander X Review
Space 1999 Sandra Benes Review
Space 1999 David Kano Review
Planet of the Apes Soldier Ape Review

Star Wars Figure Reviews:
Clone Wars Yoda Review
Clone Wars 4A-7 Review
Star Wars Jawa & Wed Droid Review
Star Wars Darth Vader Review

Flash Gordon Figure Reviews:
Flash Gordon Review
Ming The Merciless Review
Klytus Review
Dead Klytus Review
Dale Arden Review
Prince Brain Review

Kaiju Figure Reviews:
Ultraman SRC A & B Review
Mechagodzilla 1974 Review
Bootleg Mechagodzilla Review
Imperial Godzilla Review
Gamera & Viras Gashapon Review
Guiron, Gyaos & Zigra Gashapon Review
Hyper Gyaos Review
Chogokin Gamera Review

Holiday Figure Reviews:
Trick r’ Tarter Mr. Potato Head Review
Peanuts Franklin Review
Peanuts Snoopy Review
Holiday Smurfs Review
Holiday Ash Review
Abominable Snow Monster Review
Jack Frost Review
Frosty The Snowman Review

Ghostbuster Figure Reviews:
Ghostbusters Ray Stantz Review
Ghostbusters Stay Puft Marshmallow Man Review
Ghostbusters Slimer Review

Everything Else Reviews:
MOTU Mer-Man Review
Battlestar Galatica Damaged Cylon Review
Rocketeer Bend-Ems Review
Indie Spotlight Shadow Hawk Review
Indie Spotlight SOL Review
TMNT Mini Mutants Exo-Shredder Review
TMNT FF Viral Review
Ultimate Buzz Lightyear Review
Toy Story Mini Collection Review
Snarf Pencil Topper Review
Power Rangers Super Legends Lord Zedd Review
Commander Cash Review
Robocop Review
Terminator T-RIP Review
Star Trek Scotty & Transporter Room Review
Gonzo Replica Muppet Review
COF Freddy Kruger Review
Back to the Future Delorean Review
Sideshow Creature From the Black Lagoon Review
Astroboy Review
Callamorr Review
Sonic Black Knight Review
Torchwood Blowfish Review
Hunter Dan Beast ATV Review

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