Monthly Archives: June 2007

I just finished watching the Republican 2008 Presidential Debate and I’m amazed at how much these guys continue to prove to be dunderheaded buffoons. Who could honestly vote for any of these knuckleheads. The guys in the lead, Rudy, McCain and Romney really have nothing to offer. Their best lines are snipes at the Democrats, but even then they have little to offer. They scream “The Democrats have the wrong idea on how to turn the country around” and yet it’s the Republicans who’ve been in control of the country for the past eight, long years.

Ron Paul made a interesting case for himself as the only GOP candidate who wanted to get out of Iraq and stop policing the world. Sadly he’s not taken seriously. Mitt Romney spent the 2nd half of the debate rambling on about and I quote, “America is the future! We’re the future! Future!” without ever really making a point or elaborating the thought. McCain basically said everything that Bush has done is right. We’ve terribly mismanaged the war, but let’s stick with it as is. It’s a shame we have 13 million illegal immigrants, but a quick fix is to just call them legal. John’s turned into Bush v.2.0 and finally Rudy has nothing to say outside of: “This is a threat to national security, Hilary Clinton doesn’t know what she’s talking about”. Which is his answer to everything.

Some other amusing notes about the lineup for the 08′ race on the RNC side:
Several of the candidates don’t believe in evolution. (“You won’t make a monkey out of me!”)
Huckabee and others declared that their goal in the White House would be to “preserve life” (IE: Outlaw abortion).
NONE of the candidates believe gays should be able to openly serve in the military. (Just keep it a secret, then you can die in our war, but if you admit to it, your a nuisance and can’t die in our war.)
No one has a exit strategy for Iraq, their solution, sans Ron Paul, is to just stay there until it works. (Good one guys!)
John McCain supports a bill that won’t put a fence on the border, but will grant free admission to the US and citizenship to any and all illegal immigrants. (Hola amigo! Here have my social security!)
Oh and one of them wants to ban LEGAL immigration. (This is our country, you will be assimilated and no one new will come in!)

I see now why Fred Thompson is being heralded as the supposed savior of the Republican 08′ race. Unfortunately this is totally on the fact that he hasn’t opened his mouth yet. Thompson at this point is just a name and a face, with no real credentials or history, no policies or plans. He’s only trumpeted because these other candidates suck so bad. I could be the Republican 08′ nominee too if I wasn’t actually in the race and making idiotic comments like the current crop of front runners. The GOP is so overcome with the neo-cons, the religious right and the faux-patriotic that true conservatives have no place in the party.