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20th Century Fox is turning The Sims into a live action film. Brian Lynch (Scary Movie 3) will write the script. No other details are known.

Rod Humble, head of Sims Studio, told Variety, “The Sims has done an interactive version of an old story, which is what it’s like to have infinite power and how do you deal with it. Given that that’s an old story, you can imagine how easily that would translate to traditional story telling.”

Credit: Variety

That’s right, you read correctly. The Sims, a game about absolutely nothing is now going to be made into a movie. From the sounds of it, a rip-off of Bruce Almighty. Nearly every video game license has been snatched up for movie form so it was only a matter of time before one of the most popular PC games of all time got the Hollywood treatment.

Video games have always made great movies. From Mario Brothers to Mortal Kombat to Whatever the hell that movie was about the scary town and the lost girl that made no fucking sense, they’ve all been classics. It’s perfectly plausible for Hollywood to make a move about a game where goals include not crapping on yourself and building the perfect living room.

This completely ignorant movie choice leads the path to what could be a great awakening in cinema. Now that Hollywood has made sequels to every dead franchise and has remade every movie ever made, then made sequels to those remakes… It’s time for a new era!

I can see it now: “Coming soon to a theatre near you… George Clooney in Tetris the Movie”

Let’s not forget the gut-bustin’, side splittin’ comedy adventure, Pong!

And of course, the sequel to The Sims, SimCity!

Call me when Animal Crossing gets a movie. In the meantime, someone, somewhere please go to Hollywood and write an original movie that’s good. Please? Hurry before The Sims Livin’ Large Expansion Pack The Movie hits my screens.

Law & Order: SVU and Law & Order: Criminal Intent wrapped up their seasons tonight. Technically Criminal Intent aired their’s yesterday, but they now run on Mondays & Tuesdays and I caught it tonight. Albeit by Tivo tape delay regardless. Both shows were good and had some nice twists and SVU had a cliffhanger for next season.

Special Victims Unit is my favorite of the Law & Orders and this finale delivered on a lot of levels. I’m not a fan of Ludacris and although he did a fine job in this role he still annoys me. Steven Webber also guest starred as his attorney but honestly was wasted as Ludacris got all his potential lines. I don’t really know why Webber was even there as any actor could have filled his shoes. A murder trial basically opened up everything that’s happened during the season. Tons of little side plots come unraveling and screw the whole unit up. To make matters worse Ludacris gets off and everyone’s pissed.

It’s unclear if Captain Donald Cragen, Olivia Benson (Mariska Hargitay), A.D.A. Casey Novak or even John Munch (Richard Belzer) will be back next season. Hopefully they all return as the cast is really excellent. If I had to lose anyone it would be Novak as her character can be annoying at times. I doubt Munch is going anywhere, but they did seem to plant a seed there. They also added a new cast member which seems like the worst show to add one to. B.D. Wong already makes plenty of cameos and adding a additional detective seems like overkill when they barely found time for Ice-T and Belzer to do anything this season.

Meanwhile on Criminal Intent it was another Christopher Noth episode which I usually don’t watch. It’s nothing against Noth, but CI runs with two teams A team one week, B team the next. My girl likes Criminal Intent and prefers the wacky ways of Vincent D’Onofrio as opposed to Noth so we rarely watch the B team. Regardless since this was the finale we watched. It was a good episode that showed Noth’s Detective Mike Logan’s softer side. When his potential new girlfriend is found dead he’s certain she was murdered. It turns out she wasn’t, but instead she committed suicide after an ex-husband of her raped her. Noth showed a great range for his character which is usually smarky and a tight ass. You have to feel bad for his character who is helpless to avenge this woman whom he barely knew. Detective Megan Wheeler was wrote off for at least part of next season in this episode.

Both finales contained flaws. Special Victims Unit cast Ludacris in a role where he was supposed to be a career street thug, so it seemed out of place for him to act as his own second chair lawyer and basically unravel then entire precinct with his legal savvy. This seemed like something a rich well educated white guy would do, not a not a murderous drunk gang banger. Criminal Intent suffered because the story started out about a local hero/Police cadet being murdered and soon that story was shifted to the back burner to focus on Noth’s plot. While Noth’s plot was much more intriguing, the cadet’s murder just went nowhere and despite them tracking a female serial killer which in itself sounds like a great plot device, felt flat and rushed. Even a cameo by Alexandra Eames (Kathryn Erbe) of the A team to fill in for Logan while he was out searching for his girl’s killer, didn’t seem to add anything to the story.

Regardless both L&O spinoffs had a great season and ended with grand finales. While Criminal Intent really fleshed out Detective Mike Logan’s (Chris Noth’s) character, SVU went for a more traditional season ending approach. I guess one could complain that Logan had 5 years or so on the original L&O and didn’t need the fleshing out, but he showed more character here then he probably has in all the past seasons alone. SVU gets the nod as the better episode and I’ll be eager to see both these shows when they return in 08′. Hopefully budget issues won’t see any of the actors get the axe as these shows have become a Tuesday night tradition.

Get it? Wii-view! Oh the hilarity of bad puns that have probably been made elsewhere months ago. Anyways on with the show:

The Nintendo Wii has been out for 7 months or so now and I have finally managed to get my hands on one. I was celebrating another orbit around the sun yesterday and my significant other was going to get me one. Easier said than done. Everyone in town was sold out. This isn’t a phenomenon it’s like that all over the country. Wiis are selling like gangbusters.

Thankfully some stores got them shipped today and my lovely lady was able to snag one in time. Seemed like a lot of work for a system that should be readily available but due to high demands it’s still not. So is this system still exciting after all these months? Was it worth the wait and still worth the $250? That’s a resounding 10-4 good buddy.

Like all good things, it has a box. The box opens and has two neat blue trays. I took a picture of this, because I found it to be the EASIEST package I’ve ever seen from a game company. No more tons of cardboard trays and shelves and do-dads that make you want to scream. Just pull these two trays out like drawers and everything is inside.

I did find all the parts a bit confusing. it wasn’t until I saw the A/V cables did I finally see something familiar. There is a handy quick set-up guide that tells you what to do. Unfortunately it doesn’t tell you some simple basic things, like how to load the Wii into the stand or how to put the visor bar into a stand. The full manual (it’s pretty big) does though.

There’s a sensor bar that I was worried about. I kept seeing it on review shows and it looked huge. It’s not. It’s tiny. If you look at the picture you can see how small it is compared to one of the smaller DirecTV units. Everything is small. The controllers are small, but a great fit. The nunchuck is small. The system is small. It’s so compact and really pretty spiffy.

Once you’ve got it assembled you turn it on. That’s really rather painless. It’s not nearly as loud as my Xbox or Gamecube which was nice. My Xbox is really freaking loud. Sometimes it makes noises when it’s not on, or even plugged in. And I am not kidding.

First order of business is to make a Mii. It was simple, but I don’t really like myself. I could be better, but I’ve seen Miis that look great so I figure it’s a learning curve. The whole time you are moving the cursor around you can FEEL it. Which is a nice touch. When you go over a button you feel it in the Wii-mote and that’s a very freaky and satisfying feeling.

Finally I decided to boot up Wii-Sports. There’s an eject button, so I naturally assumed that a tray came out. I was wrong. You stick the disc into the machine with no tray. That’s pretty sweet. I stuck my disc in backwards the first time. It didn’t play. Label to the right. Hey I didn’t star on Life Goes On for four years for nothing!

The game booted up and I played it. While this is supposed to be a review of the Wii, the game is great. All this rubbish about graphics… I’m going to let you in on a secret. The Wii’s graphics are AMAZING! I’ve heard that Wii-Sports looks terrible. I dunno who said that, but they are retarded. The graphics are really stellar. The greens on the fields of golf look incredible. I guess some people count polygons and that sort of thing, but I’ll be honest with you at this level of graphics I can’t imagine anything really looking “better” to the point where the game is more fun. These graphics are as detailed as anything you see on TV and to me at least, that’s just about as good as you can get next to the real world.

Gameplay is fun and only boxing seemed to have a few snags. This was mostly me throwing punches too quick for the system to register. Needless to say boxing is one of my favorite games thus far. I was kicking ass and taking names. It was a blast. I’m FROTHING at the mouth for a truly great boxing game to come along because the potential here is just ENDLESS.

Baseball was fun but the pitching part was boring. Tennis and Bowling are a blast and I’m already planning on doing some Golf tournaments with friends. It’s just so much fun and I’m an amateur golfer at best, but the experiance makes teeing off even easier.

All in all, this is a great package. It’s heavy as hell, but it’s just such a nice little system. I’ll be getting some more games this weekend if I can pull myself away. I’m only writing this now because I’m tired. Wii-ing can be a wear on your body.

As an added bonus Nintendo asked me to register it. Since I have some other Nintendo products laying around I registered them too. For registering my Wii I got a free 90 day extension on the warranty. SUCK IT EB GAMES, who tried to sell me one for $35. That’s 15 months that Nintendo will replace this bad boy. Nice. I also got a free 3 issue subscription to Nintendo Power for registering 3 items. It’s a little thing, but I thought it was cool.

Overall, this system still holds up. If you are debating getting one but haven’t had the courage, now is as good of time as any. Assuming you can find one. They’re still tougher then a $2 steak to get, but if you look hard enough you might luck into one. It’s worth it because a lot of games are coming out soon and you’ll make friends with a Wii. Some of you probably need friends. And exercise. It’s a win-win!