There’s something charming about the old Mego Batman toys. They sort of capture the essence of the 1960’s Batman TV show, even if they weren’t terribly accurate. Of course they weren’t official toys of that show either. However Mego collectors are constantly making 1960’s Batman TV characters.

In fact in the Mego “Reimagined” catalogue, from the Mego Museum, there is a whole section devoted to that very same idea. This figure popped up on Ebay a while back and is someone’s meticulous recreation of a Adam West style Mego Batman. It looks like it’s using a modified body, maybe even a Famous Covers body, but whatever the case it’s excellent.

There is a major market being missed by not capitalizing more on that Adam West Batman era. I dunno if Mattel can make a toy line for it, but someone should. I think these cloth style figures would be great, but even 6 inch or smaller would work. Kudos to the customizer who came up with this one.

I tried to find out more about this figure, but couldn’t find much. These pictures are from the Ebay auction. I don’t recall what this figure went for, it was a while back, but I’m sure it ended up going for a pretty penny. It’s a magnificent piece, not just for Mego collectors but for anyone.

While the 1960’s TV Batman has been lampooned from everything to major motion pictures like Kick Ass to literally a 60’s TV Batman porno, there is no denying that it’s very much a part of Americana. Something I’m surprised DC Direct or some other toy company hasn’t focused in on. It’s a license to print money I tell ya. I guess for now we’ll have to settle for customs.

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