One of the things that the new GI Joe Rise of Cobra toys is bringing us is plenty of new Joes. That means both new characters for the GI Joe team as well as their Cobra enemies. While yesterday we reviewed a familiar face, today we’re going to take a look at a new character to the GI Joe mythos. The lovely female addition to the Joe team, Agent Helix.

Helix doesn’t appear in the movie and she’s one of the harder to find figures in the new ROC toys. Why is she so hard to find? I’d venture a guess it’s because she’s one of the nicest done GI Joes in some time. The Joe team has always had plenty of women with Scarlett being one of the original Joe members. For 1982 that was pretty unique. Cobra has always had Baroness, but that was about it. No wonder Tomax & Xamot are so fruity, but I digress.

Agent Helix joins the long line of Joe women from Covergirl to Jinx, the Joe team has just about seen every type of woman their is. Except for a “goth” woman and that seems to be where Helix fills in. She’s sculpted to look a bit like Kate Beckinsale from Underworld and it certainly creates a new look for a Joe woman.


Helix’s package is the same as the others in this series. Nothing too fancy, but works quite well. I noticed that inside she has a rubber band holding two of her weapons, but she is actually quite easy to pull out. That’s a plus considering how thin her limbs are. Thankfully she doesn’t get loose right out of the package. I’m sure there’s a joke in there somewhere, but I’ll avoid it.

The back tells us a little bit about Helix, revealing that basically she’s a gun toting martial artist (and really what Joe isn’t these days?) but I get the feeling she’s cocky and ready to kick some Cobra butt. I could definitely see her as part of the team in that she throws a bunch of the Joe guys off, but a few others find her strangely attractive.

I really don’t have much else to say about the package. It is what it is. They are certainly growing on me.


Sometimes the women in Joe get the shaft (HEYOOO) in terms of articulation but Helix pretty much bucks that trend. She had a ball joined head that does have a tad bit of restriction because of her hair, but that’s to be expected. Ball jointed shoulders and Hasbrows work quite well on her arms, with a nice wrist swivel at the bottom. The wrist swivel is really well integrated into the sculpt.

She has a upper torso ball joint that is superbly well hidden as well as the t-bar ball joint crotch and double knees, finishing out with rocker ankles. Since this is a rocker chick, it’s a perfect fit! Seriously, this girl can move and since her bio basically says her special move is a whirlwind of kicks and bullets, it’s nice to have a figure with articulation that can meet that sort of demand.


Agent Helix is quite possibly the best female sculpt facially that Hasbro has ever done. She really ranks up there. There might be one or two better, but she’s giving Lady Bombstrike and the 2003ish comic pack Covergirl a real run for their money. She’s easily the best looking female in the Rise of Cobra line thus far. Her face is pretty but not overly done up.

Female Joe sculpts have come a long way…

The only weakness to her face would be that her head is cast in yellow and then painted and if you’re looking from underneath sometimes you can see a tad bit of the yellow poking through. The rest of her body is perfectly sculpted with a neat vinyl or leather corset and a variety of leather buckles and straps throughout. That works for her personality which is as I mentioned before, some cross between goth and rocker girl.

She has a lot of little pouches and things sculpted along her body as well. This mold could easily be reused for a Baroness variant as it channels a bit of her as well. Paint wise it’s a nice mix of yellow, gray and black. The yellow is a very different color and something you don’t see on a lot of Joes so it mixes in nicely and gives her some diversity.

Her hair is painted in two colors, really nailing the fact that this chick is dying her hair with highlights. It reminds me a lot of the new female Dial-Tone from GI Joe: Resolute and I believe this sculpt is being reused to make her down the line. Of course, my Dial-Tone will always have a moustache. 1980’s represent!


Helix doesn’t come with near as much as Firefly but that doesn’t mean she’s missing out either. She has a strange sci-fi style pistol which I think fits in with her character and look. It doesn’t really fit in her hand very well, although you can make it fit.

She also has a larger blaster rifle that has a sci-fi element to it as well. Her big honkin’ missile launcher has an attachment to make it into some sort of satellite deal which is actually pretty cool and this vicious knife. The knife is like a long straight razor with a handle. Seriously, it’s like some Sweeny Todd demon barber of Fleet street stuff!

“You looking to get cut, bitch?”

Additional Notes:

Some have had some issues with her persona, saying that GI Joe has no place for goth chicks or whatever, but I find that highly ignorant of the franchise as a whole. If GI Joe can have guys running around in football and basketball jerseys, they can have a chick in vinyl with an Emo haircut. Of course jokes could be made because she comes with a razor and could be a cutter, but that’s purely happenstance!

OREO. Organic. Regional. Ethics. Operatives. The new Joe sub-team.

On a more serious note, as a kid I almost never had any female Joes. It wasn’t because of the old adage that “boys don’t buy girl figures” but because I could rarely find any good ones. Jinx was pretty much the only lady in my Joe camp as a kid and that sucked because she was fully clothed including a MASK! So it’s nice to see that the kids of today get to have some sexy ladies on their international team of freedom fighters.


She retails for $7.99, which I can tell you is a pretty good price for a piece of tail. Wait what? Err, for a GI Joe that’s a decent value. I actually lucked into picking her up in the GI Joe 2 for $10 sale, which is the greatest sale in the history of mankind. At that price her value is incredible.

Score Recap:

Packaging – 8

Sculpting – 8

Articulation – 8

Accessories – F You Up Knife, Missile Launcer w/satellite dish, Hand Gun, Laser Rifle

Value – 8

Overall – 8 out of 10

Although she’s a new character and doesn’t include half the stuff that Firefly did she’s getting the same score. Although if you get her at the $5 price you can go ahead and rank Helix as a 9 out of 10. She’s not the best GI Joe figure out there, but she is one of the best female Joes in the history of the line, which makes her pretty special.

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