It’s here! Chracter Options has finally announced the 11 Doctors set. Not a moment too soon either as I was starting to lose hope about these guys. No official word on US pricing yet, but it’s close to $100 or so in the UK, so we can expect similar here. That’s not a bad price for 11 figures, considering there are several new ones as well. Sure it sucks if you spent $40 on some of these guys before, but it’s definitely worth it.

These are almost perfect versions of everyone. Nobody is changed too much. Some good outfit choices all around on the repaints although a couple of a later Doctoros 9 & 10 are pretty much regular re-releases. Hopefully there won’t be any allocations or well… I’m going to go Dalek on somebody.

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  • zedd1986 says:

    It's intertesting that enough time has passed that Character Options has yet to remedy how clunky the Ninth Doctor figure looks with that cut-neck. Perhaps it's a necessary evil as Eccleston was the only Doctor to not wear anything requiring a collar or scarf, but this is probably where CO can make that giant leap into ball-joints for their heads. And considering the high level of sculpt that CO can do, it can look very natural (I keep looking at my Infinite Crisis Power Girl figure and how her ball joint is proably the best I've ever seen for a six-inch figure).

  • Yeah it is a bit clunky. They probably should have just did the cut higher up. At this point I'm not sure moving to a ball joint would work. That would likely just upset people that would think everyone would need to be re-released with ball jointed heads. I just wish he'd came in the green jumper.

  • Lt. Clutch says:

    Shoot! I missed this post earlier. Loving the box art! Yeah, a hundred buckaroos might be a bit steep, but the Eight Doctor is finally here along with the hatless Seventh. The repaints look good. This would have been a great opportunity for the Fourth to get his burgundy suit. Can't place that grey coat. The Seventh's head sculpt should have gone to the TARDIS pack-in. I hope they added more articulation to the Ninth, but overall this is quite something that puts the "gift" in "set" and vice-versa. Thanks, Newt!

  • Bill says:

    It's about time! I have been putting off buying various Doctors in anticipation of this set. I am so glad I waited, and that my patience will (hopefully!) be rewarded. Let's just hope this set is easy to get. Character Options has dropped the ball a bit lately in the distribution department. The Earthshock Cyberman is a great example. Rare as hen's teeth for a while, so I finally paid too much on ebay for one. Now, of course, you can get 'em anywhere for a reasonable price. Which you should do, Newton, if you haven't already. It may be the best Cybie yet!

  • I dunno about the 9th, but it looks like the 10th still didn't get his swivel arms. Oh well. It's still a pretty great set, re-releases aside.

  • I do have an Earthshock. I haven't reviewed him yet because I am waiting for the rest of my order to come in and I had several more Earthshocks on the way. I'm glad they're getting re-released. I just wish they'd do the same with the Invasion Cybermen!

    I've heard that there won't be the shortage on these that there was with the other figures. Hopefully that rings true.

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