Doctor Who Character Building Mini-Figures
11 Doctors
2 Inch Scale
By: Character Options

Doctor Whosday returns! Today I’m taking a look at the 11 Doctors mini figure set from Character Options. Last year CO introduced the new Character Building mini figures, which are sort of like Doctor Who Legos. Shortly after, they released this set featuring all 11 Doctors. It’s a time traveler’s smallest, best friend!

This is not the first time that Character Options has released a set like this. They first released an 11 Doctors set in the larger 5 inch line. This makes a great entry into the smaller figures, though, and is to date the only “classics” in the Character Building line.

So for $40 you can get all 11 Doctors in a very small form. Is it worth it? Well you’ve got to read the review to find out!

The packaging is done in a rather unique way, almost indentical to the larger counterpart. It’s a TARDIS shaped box, which two opening doors. Unlike the 5 inch version, this one isn’t quite as good looking as it has a few more logos and such on the front. Still, it’s a great little package and it’s considerably smaller in hand than you might think.

I really like the package in general. It’s a handy way to keep these figures safe as well, if you want to put them back in. However the inner plastic can be a bit of a burden to slide the figures back into place.

Velcro holds the two doors closed. Inside is a great little bio of each of the Doctors. I really approve of this! It’s the little details that CO always manages to get right.

There isn’t a lot of sculpting that goes into these figures. In fact all of the figures more or less use the same base body. The head sculpts and the paint is what separate them. With a couple of exceptions, as some of their outfits feature a torso that has “tails” in the back, while others don’t. Beyond those minor exceptions, the figures are identical in many ways.

Thankfully Character Options has done a good job, as they tend to do. The First Doctor looks a bit more like Richard Hurndall than Bill Hartnell, to me, but it’s hard to say for sure since these are all stylized. The point is, he looks like the First Doctor.

The Second Doctor has a bit of a sardonic grin on his face, which is appropriate. He’s always somewhere between worry that the world is about to come to an end and glee that he’s outwitted his opponents. The Second Doctor is sort of the Columbo of the Doctors and it shows in the sculpt.

The Third Doctor has Pertwee’s crazy hair and green coat. He’s even got some lines under his eyes to make him look a bit more aged. Just watch out, he might karate chop you!

The Fourth Doctor looks good, but perhaps his face needs something more. The hair is perfect, but he doesn’t scream Tom Baker as much to me. The little smile is nice, but if they were going for a smile, I think they should have made it one of Baker’s insane grins.

The Fifth Doctor looks great, just like the actor who played him, John Tesh. Whoops. I mean Peter Davison! And look, celery is included!

Colin’s Sixth Doctor looks okay, but again the outfit help more than the head sculpt. Clearly they skipped a lot of the details on the coat, but it’s still pretty obvious who it is. I’m not certain that they could have done a lot with his face, but there is some attempt to make the detail stand out.

The Seventh Doctor looks pretty good as well. He’s definitely stylized and he’s sporting the happy look. I’m always torn on which Doctor face I want, happy or somber. I wish we could get some more somber Seventh Doctor stuff.

The Eighth Doctor looks positively charming!

There’s definitely some hints of Eccleston in the Ninth Doctor, but he looks a bit like an Asian girl in the face. It’s a bit of a miss, but the hair is excellent. They really did a great job on all the hair sculpts.

The Tenth Doctor almost looks angry to me. I think they were going for quirky, but I’m going to say it’s just a bit shy of where it needs to be. There’s a bit of slop on the paint for his shoes, but in general the paint on all these guys is pretty good.

The Eleventh Doctor figure is no different than the previous releases of this guy. He looks okay, but not perfect. I think the unique features of Matt Smith’s face are likely not easy to capture in this sort of likeness.

These dudes are a lot smaller than you may think. You can easily lose them or their accessories. So be careful! I imagine my cats would have a field day with any one of the Doctors.

Each guy gets a few joints, similar to a Lego. The hands turn, the shoulders and legs are on hinges and the neck is on a swivel. Nothing fancy, but it’s enough to get the job done. These are aiming for a very specific aesthetic and generally seem to hit it in my view.

I do find that they are a bit top heavy and tend to fall over if their legs aren’t positioned just right. I could almost go for some heavier feet or ball jointed feet to help make them a bit more stable.

I guess the posing would be better if you had the little Lego-like floors that some of the sets come with.

Almost everyone comes with something, with only the Sixth and First Doctors being an exception. Honestly I’m not sure why the First Doctor doesn’t come with a cane or why the Sixth doesn’t come with his Sonic.

The sculpts for the sonic screwdrivers aren’t super detailed, but they do generally have the sculpts down pat. There’s a bit more reuse than in the larger line and no paint, but they’re still pretty neat.

Some of the designs don’t fit as well in the hands as others, but overall they work well. I suppose the flat nature of the Sixth Doctor’s sonci may have ben why they skipped it. I would have just made it a bit fatter.

Each figure also gets a stand. It’s shaped in the style of the modern Doctor Who logo.

Everyone fits nicely on their stand and it definitely ups the display value. This also comes in handy for posing, since they are prone to falling over.

At $40 this isn’t cheap, but I find that Lego figures and their many impersonators can run $2-3 a piece. Given that these aren’t blind bagged, I don’t think it’s a terrible value. I imagine if they’d been blind bagged, we’d all have 58 Colin Baker figures. That’s a scary thought. Then again, it might match my 5 inch collection!

Score Recap:
Packaging – 8
Sculpting – 8
Paint – 8
Articulation – 4
Accessories – Sonic Screwdrivers, Umbrella, Stands
Value – 8
Overall – 8 out of 10

These guys are a very specialized type of figure, but for the price getting all 11 Doctors in one swoop is a good deal. With the added bonus of the accessories and the decent stylized sculpts… This is a solid pickup if you’re into these sorts of figures. They are miniature Who fun!

My only complaint would be the lack of accessories for two of the Doctors and the fact that these guys tend to topple over. They’re very light and that doesn’t make them as poseable as I’d like them to be. Still, they’re fun for the desktop or neat for kids on a car ride!

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  • Fengschwing says:

    If you can bear the import costs and shop around wisely, this set is going pretty cheap in the UK now…

  • Bill White says:

    You may have overpaid for this set Newton. I got it locally at a comic book shop for around $30. A fair value, I think. I am not a fan of Lego style figures, but I like this set a lot.

    You are right about their attractiveness to cats. Mine can't leave them alone! I had to put them back in their box. Still looking for a stray Sonic. I'm afraid to check the litter box…

  • Honestly I'm not sure what I paid, I just looked up what many retailers originally had it for and that's about the average. Although I bought it when it first came out, so I may have paid as much.

  • I see it pretty cheap in the US now too, about $22 plus shipping. Not bad at all.

    Pays to wait, I suppose.

  • jestergoblin says:

    "he looks a bit like an Asian girl in the face" may be my new favorite toy review quote.

    I'm tempted to grab this, but I can't find it for under $40 anywhere. That and I already made my own LEGO 10th Doctor.

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