One of the very first posts on toys here was a highlight on the awesome Iron Man movie figures, Iron Monger. Back then of course, the figure was in 6 inch scale. Now for March of the Robots we take alook at the brand new Iron Man 2, 3 3/4 scale Iron Monger.

Iron Man 2

Iron Monger

3 3/4 Inch Scale

By: Hasbro



Iron Monger is a classic Iron Man villain, but one that wasn’t quite as popular as some of the others. He made a for a good choice of chief villain in the first motion picture though and the role helped bring Jeff Bridges back into the Hollywood spotlight. That seems to have worked out well for him, with Tron 2 on his plate and a shiny new Best Actor Oscar on his mantle.

Jealous of Tony Stark’s success, Obidiah Stane creates the Iron Monger armor to destroy him. It is bigger and far stronger than Iron Man, but sill incapable of defeating the hero: For the real difference between the two suits is the man inside them.

A lot of people seem to be skipping this figure and Hasbro has short packed it, possibly because they feel the larger 6 inch version is better. So if you already own the original, should you take the chance on this version? I’ll tell you why and why not.


The Iron Man 2 figure packaging looks a lot like the Iron Man 1 movie packaging, but it has been redesigned. Obviously it’s considerably smaller thanks to the change in scale, but it’s generally been cleaned up and polished to perfection as well too. I like the look of these packages.

Iron Monger is nicely on display in the front of the bubble. Some folks may confuse this for the older Monger though if you don’t look carefully. Obviously the size and difference in logos should be the key things to look for. Just be careful on Ebay auctions and whatnot.

The back of the package has the nice bio that I reprinted above and shows off the figure in a nice light. As I’ve said ad nauseam though, it’s confusing that only a couple of figures are listed on the back of the package in a checklist format. There are nearly 30 figures released in the first batch of toys hitting shelves now, but this package barely tells you any of them


When pictures of this figure first started showing up, people assumed this guy was just the original 6 inch Monger figure. As more pictures surfaced, they showed that this was in fact a smaller version of the character. Some questioned why Hasbro would make a new version of this character, given that the other Monger tended to linger on shelf space right up until these new figures hit.

There was also a lot of speculation that this was simply the larger figure shrunk down. Making the original Monger a 2-Up as it were. Well I’m happy to report that that’s incorrect. While there might be some parts from the original Monger shrunk down to this scale, for the most part this appears to be a new sculpt.

Almost incredibly, there is MORE detail on this figure than it’s larger counterpart. That’s a pretty impressive feat since the trend tends to be the other way around. The paint work is a lot sharper too, with some nice metallic blues mixed in with the silver and gray.

I still love this design. I find it to be one of the more iconic robot designs, even if it’s not identical to the original comic Iron Monger. There’s just a lot to like about this robot. It’s the exact kind of thing that I could see Tony Stark having to do battle with.

Scale wise it is considerably smaller than the original 6 inch Monger, but it’s still quite a bit bigger and bulkier than the other figures in the Iron Man 2 series. That gives him a good size advantage, but to be perfectly honest the original Iron Monger figure is almost perfect scale with 3 3/4 inch figures.


The articulation has been pretty good with these figures so far. The original 6 inch Iron Monger was quite articulated as well. I’m pleased with the articulation in this figure as it appears to have just as much, if not a couple points more than it’s larger version. It’s always good when articulation gets better, not worse. Kudos Hasbro.

This allows you to get a pretty wide variety of poses with this figure. Still, he’s a giant robot and that means he’s going to be more limited than the smaller guys in robotic suits. I think Monger’s articulation will be pleasing to most though.


Sadly Iron Monger comes with nothing but the stand and card gimmick that the other Iron Man 2 figures have came with. If you’re unfamiliar with that, I covered it in a bit more detail during my War Machine and Crimson Dynamo reviews. It would have been nice if they’d thrown something else in here. I don’t know what exactly, but even a reuse of the old Colossus I-beam would have been cool.


These figures run about $6.99 which is a pretty good value in this day and age. Iron Monger is a bigger figure than most, which makes him feel even more valuable. The only real problem with Monger is that there was a bigger version out and it ran only a couple bucks more. If you like having some robots for Iron Man to fight, I think spending the $7 on this guy is worth it. If you only want a figure for the sole purpose of having a Monger though, you might be more interested in the bigger version. I’m actually building a Hall of Monger Armors, so I like this one.

I’m a bit of a Monger monger.

Score Recap:

Packaging – 8

Sculpting – 9

Articulation – 7

Accessories – Card, Stand

Value – 8

Overall – 8 out of 10

Don’t let the fact that there were several other versions of this figure out there already fool you… This is in fact the best movie Iron Monger yet, albeit smaller than the rest. In terms of paint, articulation and sculpting this one is superior to the previous releases, but the size and the fact that the other figure was pretty good, might make you think twice about picking him up.

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