Welcome to Ebay Bandits. What are Ebay Bandits? Well, they’re jerks on Ebay that are trying to rip people off. These guys are posting up stuff on Ebay and either mislead potential buyers or overcharge for something “rare” in order to play the system. I’ll use this forum to expose these Ebay Bandits. If you see unscrupulous action on Ebay, help me fight the Bandits!

Okay this first Bandit might be pulling some kind of April Fool’s Day joke, but I certainly don’t get it. He sells custom pop culture artwork, but he’s listed up a bunch of stuff for $21 MILLION dollars… WTF?

I’ll just assume it’s a gag, but there isn’t anything on there to indicate that it is. Oddly enough everything he’s listed costs millions, but he’s never sold anything over $100. I would imagine this guy is going to eat a ton of Ebay fees for this “joke”. I do love that he has the audacity to charge you $13.50 shipping on top of the $21 million price tag though. Classy.

Here’s another “artist” who perhaps should have his mental faculties examined by the state. His custom made Jar Jar Binks figurine he wants for a cool $20,000 Buy It Now. Or you can take your chances and bid, with the opening bid starting at $10,000. Heck, that’s half off!

Even more proof this guy isn’t all there? His description of the item:

You are bidding on a rare collection and possibly the only JAR JAR BINKS METAL ACTION FIGURE ever made from a recycled nuts and bolts with swiveling head. This amazing detailed metal action figure stands 6 1/2 feet tall and weighs about 1 pound.

This extremely rare collection is a must have for die hard Star Wars fans. Shipping is FREE.

How can it be 6 1/2 feet tall and only weigh a pound? Did he take his measurements on the moon or something?

After a couple of perhaps stupid sellers, this next guy is a genuine bandit. What’s he got there? Well it’s a super rare, Russian Robocop figure. According to the listing:

You are bidding on a Rare RUSSIAN Electronic “RoboCop” With Flight Pack Action Figure (1987) This particular RoboCop hand-painted action figure measures 5-1/2″-tall and was made and packaged for distribution throughout Russia only. Great card and bubble on this Rare figure.

There is so much wrong with this listing. How can it be a figure from 1987 when Robocop 3 (in which this jetpack appears) didn’t come out until 1993? As for the idea that this is rare? Well it’s just one of many crappy Toy Island Robocop figures.

These figures hung around at K*B Toys for YEARS and cost about $3. I know, I have a dozen or so. In fact I reviewed one of these Toy Island Robocops this past year. The figure itself isn’t listed on Ebay a lot, so it’s getting rarer, but like $20 rare, not $400 Rare. And what’s with this Russian story? Even if this is some Russian variant (which I’m not believing) it’s the exact same package and toy as the American version… So why would you pay more for it?

Finally Clark sends us this Tri-Klops that’s “super rare”. His visor is half off his face. Of course, as you may know the Tri-Klops figure can have the visor ripped off if you’re so inclined. So couldn’t you just break your own Tri-Klops and save yourself $450 dollars? If not then this Broken Tri-Klops, is for you!

Help me fight the douchebags Bandits and send in your own auctions of miscreants! I’m always on the lookout for the Ebay Bandits!

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